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Published at 4th of January 2020 10:58:58 PM
Chapter 842

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Feng Xiao comforted him . "It's alright . The midwife said its just premature birth . Nothing will happen . And I've sent someone to find Little Jiu . Nothing will happen, don't worry . "

Listening to this, his heart settled down . But he was still pacing restlessly outside . While waiting, he heard a heartrending cry from inside . His whole body was taut and his heart very nervous .

With the passing of time, half an hour later, a midwife hurriedly came out with a solemn face and reported . "Retired Emperor, Ruler, Empress Dowager is having dystocia . She fell on the fetus, the position of the fetus is not right, and it is very likely that the fetus is born with the umbilical cord around its neck, which is likely that it will be born . . . "

"Dys . . . dystocia?"

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Hearing this, the Old Patriarch only sensed his surrounding turned black . If Feng Xiao was not behind him, his whole body would fall down .

A woman gave birth to a child in exchange for her life . If this period was passed safely, a new life was born . If she had a hard time giving birth, in nine out of ten cases, either the mother died, or the child died . In a more serious case, there was a corpse with two lives .

"Aren't you the most experienced midwife? Don't tell me there's no solution . Go in quickly and think of a way, no matter what . We have to keep both adult and child! "

Feng Xiao shouted loudly . He helped his father to sit down and then summoned the Feng Guard to tell him to send an emergency signal when they couldn't find Feng Jiu, making sure that she would come back immediately .

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"Father, take a sip of tea and slowly relax your pressure . Don't mess up the array first . Mother is still working hard in it and needs your support very much . " He comforted him by pouring him a cup of hot drink .

For a married woman, giving birth is the road one must take . He also had lingering fears . After all, this is the most insecure thing . There were a lot of unexpected things, take this case for example . They were well prepared but did not expect her to fall . Furthermore, they did not expect her fetal position would be wrong .

Dystocia, in many cases, really only left it to chance, because even doctors could not guarantee that women would have a safe and smooth delivery, saving the lives of both mother and child .

He would ask Little Jiu to come back because he knew that her medical skills were very good . If there was an unexpected situation, he hoped to save the adult's life .

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At this time, Feng Jiu was outside and didn't know what happened in the palace . Seeing the fireworks blooming on the lake, the beautiful fireworks dissipated in the night, she couldn't help saying, "It is beautiful, but what a pity . It's just a moment of beauty . "

Little Hell's Lord turned his head and looked at her deeply . He didn't speak and stayed with her quietly .

Suddenly, Leng Hua, who was standing behind the two, had his expression changed when he saw a signal in the sky . He quickly came to Feng Jiu's side . "Mistress, Feng Guards emergency signal!"

She was slightly shocked . When she looked back, she really saw the direction of the imperial palace . On that day, three signals were sent to the air in succession . Seeing this, she frowned and stood up . "The world was peaceful recently . It's impossible that something had happened . What's the reason for this sudden emergency signal?"

As she was thinking, she suddenly looked shocked and her expression changed . "Could it be that Grandmother is about to give birth? Impossible, I have to go back and have a look . "

While speaking, she wanted to take Little Hell's Lord with her, but she heard him speaking . "Go back and have a look first . I'll follow Leng Hua and will come after . "

She glanced at him . "Alright, then be careful . " After that, she told them to take good care of him, and then quickly tossed the flying feather and flew to the palace .

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