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Chapter 771

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When she arrived at the Black Market, the Chief and Elder Gong were already waiting there . Elder Li was also together with them . When she saw Elder Li, Feng Jiu wanted to laugh .

Although she knew that her potion was the treasure that cultivators striving for, she did not expect that Elder Li, who had lived for a large number of years, also clung to it .

She had the potion, but she wouldn't give it to others casually . It was impossible for him to crave for her things .

"Young Master Feng, everything you asked for is ready . It's all in here . " "The Chief handed her an interspatial ring .

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows . This is a space magic artifact . "

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"Haha, this small thing is for Young Master Feng to play with . " Compared to her helping them advance, this interspatial ring was really not worth mentioning .

Feng Jiu nodded . "Alright, then I will take it . Let's settle the account!"

Then, the Chief took her to check-out at the back . Since these were the things she asked for, the spirit herbs' price was much lower than the price outside . It was given as some kind of reimbursement for her .

If he could give this kind of small favour, he would give it easily .

"Young Master Feng, I've prepared a feast for you . I'd like to invite you to have a meal . "

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"I can't, it's getting late . I have to go back before dark . Next time! Even if you don't treat me next time, I'll be the one inviting you for a meal . " She smiled, gathered up her things and left .

Seeing this, the Chief and Elder Gong didn't urge her to stay . They just nodded in response and saw her off at the Black Market's gate . Elder Li wanted to speak several times, but he was embarrassed to speak because of the Chief and Elder Gong's presence . Finally, he could only watch her leave .

After returning to the academy, Feng Jiu was immersed in pill refining . When she encountered something that she didn't understand, she asked the two alchemists for guidance . With the results of her own research, her progress in Alchemy could be described as a thousand miles a day .

After another month passed, her alchemy room finally quietened down . After a bath, she came out of the cave-dwelling feeling refreshed . After several months of intensive research, her Alchemy knowledge was nearing completion . There were many pills that she had been refining recently, but those were never been tried or sold . Now it's time for her to rest .

However, when she was riding her flying feather to chat with Ye Jing and her brother, she met the deputy headmaster on the way .

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"Feng Jiu? Just in time, I was on my way to see you!"

"What can I do for you?" She was surprised at his solemn expression .

"Mm, come with me . " He went to the main peak with Feng Jiu followed behind .

Arriving at the main peak, she saw the headmaster was there . She gave a salute, "I have seen the headmaster . "

"Sit down . " The headmaster motioned to her . Since there was only the three of them, he told her directly, "I'm looking for you because I have something to tell you . "

She sat down at the table and said, "Please speak, headmaster . "

"Since you are holding the Qingfeng sword, naturally, you have heard of Tianyuan palace . I think Chu Batian, the master of the Heavenly Dynasty palace, has some connections with you?"

When she heard that, her eyes moved in surprise and she nodded . "Mm . He's my master . "

Although he had never taught her anything, he had left a lot of good things for her . Some of the things in her space were collected by her master all his life while some were inside the space originally .

"He was a powerful swordsman that transversed numerous countries . At that time, under his leadership, the Heavenly Dynasty Palace was very influential, like the sun in broad daylight . However, it only happened during those years . "

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