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Published at 25th of November 2019 03:55:07 PM
Chapter 754

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Seeing this scene, Nie Teng's face instantly darkened . His eyes were fixed gloomily on the figure that had gone afar in a flash . His lips turned into a thin line . Finally, he raised his vital energy and followed him to the academy .

Guan Xilin's expression was not very good either . He was half bent to pick up his sister . Unexpectedly, Mo Chen carried her away . Nobody wouldn't be upset at this . He tossed the eight divinatory trigrams plate and quickly chased them .

Only Xiao Yicheng standing still in the same place, stupefied . Before he had calmed down from the shock of Feng Jiu's revelation, he saw that Mo Chen had carried Feng Jiu away .

The headmaster and deputy headmaster looked at each other with a slightly surprised expression . From what they knew about Mo Chen, he was not a person who could make such a move . How could he carry Feng Jiu away and left without saying a word?

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The headmaster coughed and threw a dignified look at the crowd . "Since Feng Jiu is disguised as a man, she doesn't want her identity as a woman to be known . Don't say a word about it afterwards . "

A teacher hesitated and asked, "Headmaster, the sword she was holding just now . . . Is it the ancient sword Qingfeng?"

Hearing this, the headmaster's imposing eyes fell on the teacher and ordered in a deep voice . "It's indeed the ancient Qingfeng sword . It must be her destiny to obtain the sword . This sword had wide implications . Nothing that has been seen or heard here shall be mentioned again . "

"Yes, we know . "

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Everyone nodded solemnly in agreement . They knew that it was a matter of great importance . If they couldn't manage this matter well, it would not only cause trouble for Feng Jiu but also cause disaster for their academy .

"Did you hear that, too?" The headmaster's gaze was fixed on the dazed Xiao Yihan .

Xiao Yihan slowly returned to his senses . He answered with a straight face, "Don't worry, headmaster . I won't tell that to anyone . "

He was astonished . Where would he want to speak out about it? What's more, what happened today was so unfathomable . A man he called his younger brother had the strength of fighting alone against the Nascent Soul powerful cultivator . Moreover, that person was actually a woman .

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"Well, let's return! Those with only light wounds support those with serious injuries . " The headmaster spoke and took the lead to leave . He let deputy headmaster bring back the rest of the people .

Mo Chen was carrying Feng Jiu on the flying sword . His sight was fixed toward the front, but his heart was stirred and his body was slightly stiff . It was because the person in his arms had been staring at him since she was carried in his embrace . This measuring look, a naked gaze without concealing anything, made him unable to relax .

"Young Master Mo Chen?" Feng Jiu stared at the immortal-like man who was pursing his lips .

He didn't lower his head and only answered indifferently . "Speak if you have anything to say . "

"You're holding me too tightly . " Feng Jiu jokingly said .

Mo Chen froze then looked down to meet her jesting eyes . He glanced at her then shifted his gaze . As his body relaxed, he also somewhat eased his hold .

Feng Jiu smiled . She gradually relaxed and closed her eyes . "I'm tired . I'll sleep for a while . " After the fierce battle, only injuries and fatigue left in her body . With the crisis relieved, she relaxed and gradually fell asleep .

For a good while, Mo Chen lowered his head and watched the slumbering woman in his arms . His eyes showed his complicated feelings .  

There was no doubt in his mind . He knew very well that she was the one he was looking for .

He just didn't expect that he had already met her, let alone that it would be her .

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