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Published at 15th of November 2019 10:50:04 PM
Chapter 738: 738

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"The Ancient Sword of Qingfeng!"

Upon seeing the sword, the two Golden Core monks' eyes lit up in a frenzy . It was like they wanted to take the sword for themselves as they leaped towards it . Whilst the Nascent Soul monks hadn't made it near enough, they could snatch the sword out of her hands, and it would belong to them!

The pressure from the Golden Core monks were released in an instant, an invigorating flow of air nearly ten feet tall came off the two men's bodies . The leaves on the ground were swept up by this airflow, and flew about in the wind .  

Feng Jiu paid no attention to the people attacking from behind her . At that moment she only wanted to kill one person, and then deal with another person . Therefore, her spirit energy was at its peak when the people behind her summoned up their Golden Core energy .

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The Ancient Sword of Qingfeng beamed with loud shrieks and absorbed all the surrounding energy within the sword . A bloodthirsty murderous energy came off her, accompanied with the sword in her hand . At this point, QIngfeng seemed to have enlarged in size and cut the precious sword in the Golden Core monk's hands in two in one fell swoop .


The sound of the sword being broken cut through the airflow . The Golden Core monk's eyes opened wide in terror as he stepped back in panic . He watched as the sword was raised up above his head falling quickly . Through his sluggish breathing, he managed to utter a scream .



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When Qingfeng fell, it cut the Golden Core monk in two halves and his blood stained the ground . However, Feng Jiu didn't stop after Qingfeng sliced through the monk in front of her . Her palm turned and swept backwards at the person attacking her from behind .  


The huge sword swept past with such strength, it knocked the sword out of his hand with just the force of the airflow . When the two forces collided, only the stronger remained standing! Before the other Golden Core monk could reach her, he was sliced in half!


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No shouts of exclamations, no blood curdling screams, only blood that splattered out from the body and flew metres away onto the floor, and the fresh blood spilled out onto the floor . She removed the spatial ring and fled to another place without stopping… . .

A Nascent Soul Conqueror arrived at the scene and saw the bloody mess . He clenched his fists and screamed up at the sky: "Feng Jiu! If you dare, come out and face me! Come out! Come out!"

"Ping, ping, ping . "

A sound rang three times, each time louder and higher pitched than the first . A powerful pressure forced open by a surge of pressure . Then a loud bang near him could be heard, it was so strong the whole forest quivered .  

At the same time, Ye Jing had rushed back to the academy for help . The journey would usually have taken an hour, but was shortened to half an hour by flying back at great speed . By the time she had arrived at the entrance of the Spirit Division, she was drenched in sweat and out of breath .  

In order to gain more time, she had used her spirit energy to quicken the speed of her aircraft . All so that she could give Feng Jiu a chance of survival .

"Ye Jing, what's wrong with you?" Teacher Lü was passing by when he saw her in her exhausted state . He was shocked and had rushed over to help her .  

"Feng, Feng Jiu is in trouble, take me to see the Headmaster at once… . . . quick!"

She hung on to Teacher Lu's arm to support her weakened legs . In her state of fear and worry, tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably . She was afraid that she was too late to seek help, and when she returned, she would be greeted with her corpse . . . .

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