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Published at 15th of November 2019 04:40:07 PM
Chapter 734

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She was even more frightened, especially when she heard that there were eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul powerful ones .

With this kind of fighting power and stealth assassination, would they have a chance to survive?

In her family, only the ancestor of the clan had the cultivation at the Nascent Soul level . And now, four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators and eight Golden Core appeared all of a sudden . The powerful cultivators' presence was shaking . Their murderous aura and mighty pressure made her legs unable to move a step, let alone walk .

She was only at the third rank of Great Spirit Master, not even at the Foundation Building level . Under such pressure, it was already good that the blood vessels and breath in her body hadn't run amok .  

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"Feng Jiu, I, I'm not going . "

She managed to force the words out with difficulty . At this moment, she was keenly aware that declaring herself to fight together with Feng Jiu was stupid . She could only save Feng Jiu's life if she rushed back to the academy for help .

Hearing this, Feng Jiu glanced back at her and saw that her face was pale with blood oozing from the corners of her mouth and her forehead drenched with cold sweat . She extended a hand, sending her spirit energy to transport Ye Jing out tens of meters away .

Ye Jing took a quick glimpse at her with a profound look . Without saying anything, she rushed back to the academy using her internal force .  

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The twelve people didn't care at all about Ye Jing's departure . Perhaps they thought she wasn't worth their attention . Another possibility was that even if she did bring help, those people wouldn't be their opponents .

Their task, their only target, was the person named Feng Jiu!

"Will you go with us obediently? Or do you want us to make you? " One of the first four Nascent Soul cultivators spoke with a calm voice . His chilly and penetrating gaze was fixed at the youth in a red robe .

"Who sent you?" She asked while making a quick calculation in her mind . What's the odds of surviving this incident? Also, who on earth sent these people?

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They sent eight Golden Core and four Nascent Soul cultivators . They clearly had evaluated her strength . If they were at the Golden Core level, she might still manage, but Nascent Soul cultivators were too frightening . She had some self-confidence, but she's not arrogant . She definitely wouldn't be able to handle the people in front of her .

Moreover, even if Ye Jing went back to the academy to get help and brought both the headmaster and the deputy headmaster, they were not these powerful cultivators' rivals .

Damn it! She clearly had not provoked such a strong and powerful force!

Suddenly an idea - that made her completely stunned- dawned on her . Her eyes showed an astonished look yet they carried a clear understanding .

"You guys are from the Eight Great Empires!"

She was not asking, she was confirming with them . Only forces like the Eight Great Empires could bring out eight Golden Cores and four Nascent Souls . Why did they tell her to follow them? Could it be that Xuanyuan Mo Ze had encountered some difficulties? Did they get these people to use tricks against her?

Only the people of the Eight Great Empires would dare to be so ferocious . They were not afraid to alarm the Nebula City's ruler, the academy's headmaster as well as others . These people were so arrogant and conceited, not taking them seriously!

After hearing the 'the Eight Great Empires' from Feng Jiu's mouth, the leader among the four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators shifted his eyes, made a motion with his hand raised up . Immediately, sharp swords appeared in the hands of the eight Golden Core cultivators behind them . The long sword glimmered with cold light and rushed to attack the red-robed youth with a fierce gust of air .

Feng Jiu, who had been constantly paying attention to them, didn't put up a fight at all . She took a few steps back, turned around and made an escape in an instant… .

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