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Published at 31st of October 2019 03:25:04 PM
Chapter 720: 720

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At this point, the Deputy Headmaster was too worried to take much notice and replied half-heartedly: "What is it? Tell me . "

"Can I borrow your Deputy Headmaster's token?" Guan Xilin looked at him and asked .

The Deputy Headmaster was shocked as he looked back at him . He then looked at the Headmaster and when he saw him nod his head, he took his token out and passed it to him . At the same time, he asked: "What do you need it for?"

Guan Xilin took the token without saying anything . He smiled at them and took his leave with Ye Jing after he bowed to them .  

"What does he think he is doing?" THe Deputy Headmaster frowned as watched as the two people walked off .

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"Just watch and you will find out . "

The Headmaster returned his gaze to the cave dwelling entrance and his heart sank a little as he thought, Feng Jiu really could sleep .  

After about half an hour, Guan Xilin and Ye Jing returned with something in their hands . They were followed by a few more students from the Spirit Division who were helping to carry things .  

With everyone looking on with uncertainty, Guan Xilin ordered the students to place everything in front of the entrance of the cave dwelling's enchantment . There was a stove with a pot of spirit chicken ginseng soup being warmed up .  

When the lids of everything else were opened up, the onlookers eyes widened in shock when they saw steamed meat buns, roast spirit chicken, more soup, and even a big leg of roast spirit pork being grilled on the fire rack . They looked on with drool dripping out of their mouths .  

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"What is he doing? Is he hungry? How did he manage to get all the food from the kitchen? This food is only given to the teachers, how did he manage to bring it here?"

"That's right . And given the current situation, is it appropriate to be having a feast here?"

The students continued their discussion, and some of the teachers looked on in anger . However, the Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster hadn't said anything, so they couldn't say anything either . They saw the Deputy Headmaster give Guan Xilin his token . He wouldn't have been able to bring all this food over otherwise .

Mo Chen who was stood nearby watched on as he saw Guan Xilin had brought the feast to the cave dwelling entrance and couldn't help but smile .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

So that was it .

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The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster looked on in silence as Guan Xilin used a fan to blow the delicious aromas into the cave dwelling . Their eyes lit up as they realised what he was doing .

So that was it! He was using the delicious aromas to wake Feng Jiu up . Could this really work?

They couldn't help but have doubts .

However, their doubts were replaced by surprise in the next moment .

Feng Jiu was woken up by the delicious aromas, her stomach groaning in hunger as she rolled around in bed lazily . She smiled as the smell of meat woke her up .  

"Smells delicious . . . "

She thought she was dreaming, because it was not possible to have such delicious aromas of food in her cave dwelling or anywhere nearby .

So she turned over again, facing the outside and drifted off to sleep smelling the delicious aromas of meat .

However, the aromas of the food got stronger to the point she could name the dishes of the foods . Her stomach had started groaning in hunger again .  

She opened her eyes and took a deep breath . She paused for a moment, then jumped out of bed . Her hair messy as she slipped on her robe quickly before she rushed outside .  

"Who? Who is using delicious foods to entice me?"

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