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Published at 31st of October 2019 10:05:04 AM
Chapter 715: 715

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Upon hearing this, President Gong's stopped drinking his tea, a look of surprise flashed through his eyes . He looked at Deputy Headmaster Guan and asked: " Deputy Headmaster Guan, why are you looking for the Ghost Doctor?"

"I'll be frank with you President Gong . There is a teacher in the academy who has taken ill suddenly and is currently on the brink of death . None of the medical experts in the academy are able to treat him . We heard that the Ghost Doctor is able to bring people back from the dead . Headmaster has no choice but to ask me to locate the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor . If he is in Nebula CIty, then maybe he would be able to save the life of the teacher . "

"Ah, the Black Market does indeed have a special relationship with the Ghost Doctor . However, he has instructed us to not ever disclose his whereabouts to anyone . I'm sorry, but I won't be able to help you . " He shook his head and continued: "Besides he can't save someone so far away . You are better off looking for another doctor!"

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"President Gong, this is someone's life we're talking about, please help!" Deputy Headmaster stood up and bowed .

President Gong sighed and replied: "It's not that I don't want to help you, but I can't help you . I am the President of the Black Market and so I have a responsibility to it . His position in the Black Market is so prestigious that even I don't dare offend him . "

"You don't know the Ghost Doctor, he saves people out through preference . So what if you find him? You're just wasting your time . Besides, our superiors have instructed that his whereabouts is to be kept a secret . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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"President Gong . . . . "

President had started to walk out of the room when he stopped and turned back to look at Deputy Headmaster Guan . He looked thoughtful as he said: " To save him, why look further afield and not closeby?"

Deputy Headmaster Guan was startled when he heard those words and thought about what President Guan had said . He muttered to himself: "To save him, why look further afield and not closeby? Closeby . . . . What did he mean by that? Closeby… . . closeby… . . Close"

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A thought flashed across his mind and he exclaimed: "Could it be that he is in our academy?" That would make sense .  

However, many people have already tried to save him . Was it possible there someone else whose ability hadn't been tested? 

Although he was not sure, he hadn't dared cause any delay and rushed back to the academy .  

President Gong watched as he walked out of the Black Market gate and smiled . A voice next to him asked: "President, why did you reveal the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor to him?" An old gentleman appeared next to him .  

"I only gave him a riddle . It's up to him to guess the answer to it . " He smiled and continued: "I just find it interesting that he doesn't know that the Ghost Doctor is one of the students in the academy . It's funny that he has come to the Black Market looking for him . "

At the same time, Teacher Lu was outside Feng Jiu's cave dwelling . He was attacking the enchantment with spiritual energy but to no avail . He was embarrassed at his failure and gritted his teeth as he shouted: " Feng Jiu The bastard! Not only has he put up a soundproof enchantment, but he has also strengthened the enchantment on the outside! Is he keeping out a thief or an assassin?!!"

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