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Published at 28th of October 2019 12:35:07 PM
Chapter 698

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Feng Jiu turned to look at the teacher with the terrible attitude . When she saw that his face was bright red, his eyes were red rimmed and the blue veins protruding from his neck, she couldn't help herself and smiled .  

"Teacher, you are sick . "

When they heard this, the other teachers were stunned and the eyebrows furrowed and looked at Feng Jiu in disapproval . Even though that teacher did not have the best temperament, he was after all a teacher . To speak to him in this manner telling him that he was sick, that was really disrespectful .  

Ye Jing looked puzzled . However, it was not because she thought that Feng Jiu was being disrespectful, rather that she wondered why she had said that about the teacher .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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When the ill-tempered teacher heard Feng Jiu's words, he exploded and screamed at the top of his voice at her, and at the same time a gush of energy charged out towards Feng Jiu: "Feng Jiu! You have no respect for anyone! You are too arrogant, too arrogant! I will lodge a complaint with the deputy headmaster to have to expelled from the academy!"

"Teacher, don't be angry . I am telling the truth . You are sick and you need treatment . " She sighed and looked at the teacher whose saliva was spitting out of his mouth and took a step back .  

The other teachers noticed at this moment that the ill-tempered teacher's foundation peak energy charged towards Feng Jiu and almost overwhelmed the young boy . However, the young boy's demeanor hadn't changed, and he even smiled .  

Upon seeing this, some felt surprised, some felt guilty and some had doubts . Foundation cultivators powers were stronger than great spirit masters by a level . Even if the strength and level of power differed slightly, foundation cultivators had the power to overwhelm great spirit masters, and they could make their blood boil within their body and render them speechless .  

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However, Feng Jiu was just stood there like nothing affected her, how was that possible?

"Feng Jiu, stop causing trouble . " Teacher Lu said in a deep, serious voice as he thought that she was playing a prank on the teacher .  

Feng Jiu shrugged her shoulders: "Okay! If you don't believe me then that's fine . However, judging from the teacher's condition, he will collapse within three days . "

"You, you . . . " When the teacher heard this, he was bursting with anger . Had the two teachers next to him pulled him back, he would have rushed forward and attacked Feng Jiu .  

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"Old Lu, don't let yourself get worked up over a child . Come over here to sit down and have a drink . Let me speak to him . " Teacher Lu pulled the fuming Lu Tu over to one side to sit down and then went over to Feng Jiu and Ye Jing .  

"What are your thoughts on this matter? What's your plan? If someone was defaming you, then who is that person? Have you got proof?"

After Teacher Lu spoke, the two of them looked at each other, then Feng Jiu smiled and answered: "Teacher Lu, leave this matter with us! We will find the culprit . "

He asked: "How long do you need?"

"One day will be enough . " She smirked as she replied .

"That's fine . I will give you both one day . Go on then! If this matter is not handled properly, then you both… . . " He didn't continue but gave a warning look .  

"Yes, we understand . "

The two of them turned around to leave, however, Feng Jiu stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at the teacher named Lu and said with a smile: "Teacher, I am serious, you are sick . Don't get too agitated so often or it will be bad for your health . "

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