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Chapter 687: 687

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The two of them went to the practice field together . As it was Teacher Lu explaining how to control spiritual energy running through the body, other than a few Sky Rank students who were in retreat, most of the students had arrived early and were already waiting for the class to start .

"Look, Feng Jiu is here . "

"He is the first student who didn't need to take an assessment to become a Sky Rank student . "

"Ye Jing is quite close to him . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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"The whole academy knows that Senior Brother Ouyang likes Ye Jing . This lad dares to get so close to Ye Jing, he obviously doesn't have any respect for Senior Brother Ouyang . "

"Hasn't Senior Brother Ouyang been in retreat recently? I doubt he knows what has been happening . "

"Hey, he will find out soon enough . "

As Feng Jiu and Ye Jing walked in together, they heard the low whispers of the other students . Seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled and said to Ye Jing: "You have so many admirers! What will I do if they decide to make things difficult for me?"

Ye Jing pursed her lips: "Even without them, there will be others who will make things difficult for you because you became a Sky Rank student without an assessment . "

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"That's not my fault . It's the deputy headmaster's idea . To be honest, it's made my life quite difficult . "

"You're still trying to make light of things when you've been given an advantage . " She smiled and led her to wait at the back . She did not go to wait with anyone else to avoid interaction between Feng Jiu and the other students .

More students turned up, and whenever anyone turned up, they always glanced at Feng Jiu . Their glance showed disdain and contempt, they all felt that there was nothing special about this person and only entered the academy because of his relationship to the deputy headmaster .  

"There are only two hundred odd students in Sky Rank?" Feng Jiu's glance swept across the field quickly and estimated there were less than three hundred people present .  

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Ye Jing looked at her and said: "Do you know what assessments these students need to go through in order to be admitted into the Sky Rank? Every one of these students are the top ten in their own field . "

Feng Jiu glanced at the spiritual grades of the two hundred odd students, many of them were at the spirit master level . The highest was third-order spirit master level, and Ye Jing was one of those students .  

To be honest, the strength of the third-order spirit master level was pretty impressive . The foundation cultivators were generally decades old . Of course, the likes of Gray Wolf was different .  

They were born in a different place and were selected by outstanding people to cultivate . They also had medicinal herbs for supplement, so it was easy for them to enter the Golden Core stage .  

Here, even if you were from a first grade country, it was not easy to even be one out of twenty people to rise to Golden Core cultivators . Some of the ones who could do it were naturally the Ten Proud Children of Heaven with the help of medicinal herbs . Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to achieve this . Many of the cultivators died when they tried to enter into the Golden Core Stage .  

"Stop talking . Teacher Lu is here . He dislikes undisciplined students . " She led her to the front of all the students and stood by her side as she watched Teacher Lu approach .  

Feng Jiu noticed that the whispering in the training field had stopped with the arrival of Teacher Lu and couldn't help but stare at the teacher .  

"What I want to talk about today is the control of the five elements in your body, you… . . "

As he spoke, his gaze landed on the young boy dressed in the azure robe who stood at the front . When he saw the rainbow-coloured glazed feather on his waistband, he knew who the young boy was immediately .

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