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Chapter 683: 683

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Everyone was stunned to hear her quip . The sky-rank student, who was leading them, frowned slightly . "What treasure?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Aren't you going to ask for my advice? You have no treasures, yet wanting me to give you some pointers?" She cast a glance at that student with an infuriating look on her face, while her voice carried a wild and reckless tone . "If you want to fight with me, you have to prepare your treasure first . Otherwise, who's free to play with you?"

She observed the crowd who glowered at her after hearing her words . She smiled . "You all should do the same . If you want to start with me, you should have treasures ready . If I lose, naturally, I won't demand your treasures . But if I win, hey hey, you understand what it means . "

Looking at the students who were itching for a fight and got impulsive, she held back her smile . With her eyes half-closed and her lips slightly curved up, she gave them a warning . "Don't think that you can fight me without any treasures . If you dare to act, I will inform the deputy headmaster . I trust you already knew that deputy headmaster is my supporter . If you have the courage, come and have a match . "

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Ye Jing, who was blocked by several female students, could not help smiling when she heard this . Bringing the deputy headmaster's into this directly . . . wouldn't the deputy headmaster be hopping mad after he knew about it?

Originally, people in the academy thought his contribution points was fishy . But from the way he said it now, everyone would think it was secretly arranged by the deputy headmaster .

Those students were astonished . They didn't expect that the young man would have said such an infuriating thing . If they wanted to fight with him, they should take out treasures? And if they couldn't bring the treasures out, he would lodge a complaint with the deputy headmaster?

This, this was simply . . . too shameless!

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"How is it? If nobody got the courage, I'll take off then . " As she spoke, she looked at the several female students who were blocking Ye Jing, revealing a charming smile . "Pretty sisters, don't block my beautiful Ye Jing!"

Those female students were startled to see that the young man looked at them with a pair of enchanting eyes filled with laughter . Those eyes were like a mesmerizing whirlpool . They could only look back at her foolishly .

Ye Jing grinned and came forward, holding Feng Jiu's hand casually . "Let's go! I'll show you around . Next time, you'll get to know this area . "

Others watched the two leave . Each one of them turned towards the sky-rank student who was leading them earlier . Seeing that he did not speak, they couldn't help but ask, "Senior Li, is that all we can do to him?"

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The man surnamed Li stared at Ye Jing who took the young man's hand and clenched his teeth . "Humph! Taking out treasures to fight with him? That's letting him off too lightly . I'll go to find Senior Ouyang . He dares to provoke Junior Sister Ye Jing, the one senior Ouyang likes . This youngster dislikes having a long life!"

Everyone's eyes brightened . So he wanted to put his hands on the Ten Proud Children of Heaven? Then, even if something happened, the deputy headmaster or others would not be able to say anything, right?

If Senior Ouyang helped them dispose of him, that youngster would be tidied up pretty miserably! They got really excited thinking about this .

But Feng Jiu, leaving with Ye Jing, looked down at her arm and raised her eyebrows involuntarily . She saw Ye Jing's eyes were brimming with smiles .

They met many students along the way, yet Ye Jing did not let go of her hand . It made her wonder . Why was the beautiful Ye Jing so bold? Was she not afraid of misunderstanding?

She was puzzling over this question . When she was about to ask, she heard a voice .

"Ah Jing . "

A woman in white stood not far away and looked at them . Her eyes fell on their hands, and her eyes shifted slightly .

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