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Chapter 2122: I Finally Believe

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If they hadn’t let it slip, he wouldn’t have realised that this young boy in azure robes was actually a girl. She exuded a man’s carefree demeanor, and her whole body exuded an air of confidence.

He had found it incredible, how could a girl interpret a man’s behaviour, mannerisms and way of speaking so accurately?

Feng Jiu squinted her eyes and a look of joy entered her eyes: “Since he has gone to buy duck for me, I should probably not say anything about this matter.” She shook her head and said with a smile. At the same time, she took out her silver needles and stuck them into his knee without saying another word.

When the silver needle penetrated his skin, it didn’t hurt. However, when the needle was turned, deep inside his knee where his muscles and bones were, he felt a sore and itchy sensation. Just as he was thinking about this, he heard her voice.

“How does it feel?” Feng Jiu raised her eyes and looked at him.

“I didn’t feel anything when the silver needle first penetrated my flesh. However, it felt a bit sore and itchy when the needle was being turned.” He answered truthfully. He felt a bit strange deep down, he had also tried silver needle acupuncture on himself before, but why didn’t he get that sore itchy feeling?

“It’s good that you can feel something.”

As she spoke, she turned the needle in her hand and pierced the second needle into his knee and also turned the needle. Though it looked like she had pierced the usual acupuncture points, there was a fine spiritual energy that was injected into his legs through the silver needles.

While they were busy with treatment in the Manor, Zhuo Junyue had gone to buy the Eight Treasure Duck. As for Family Patriarch Zhuo at the East Manor, he seemed to have encountered some problem and had summoned all the clan leaders for a discussion…

The East Manor didn’t know anything that had been happening in the West Manor. The people there didn’t talk about it or mention it.

“I’ve brought the Eight Treasure Duck back.” Zhuo Junyue walked into the courtyard and looked at Feng Jiu who was chatting away. He handed her an oiled paper bag.

“Mmm! It’s so fragrant!” Feng Jiu’s eyes squinted as she took the bag and smelled the scent. She said to them: “I’ll go back first.” Having said that, she walked away with the bag of Eight Treasure Duck in her hand.

“Elder brother, Feng Jiu’s medical skills are really superior. I finally believe it this time.” He smiled and looked at his elder brother.

Zhuo Junyue nodded when he heard that: “Her medical skills are really good.” After a pause, he asked: “Has she treated you with the needles? How do you feel?”

“To be honest, I have tried using silver needles to treat myself in the past. I used the silver needles acupuncture method but I didn’t feel anything. However, when she used the silver needles acupuncture on my legs earlier, I felt a sore sensation.”

He told him about the events that had happened earlier and then asked once again: “Elder brother, why do you think her medical skills are so good? At the start, we sought many doctors and they all said that my legs couldn’t be cured. So many years have passed and she says that it can still be cured.”

Zhuo Junyue said with a rare smile: “She said she is called the Ghost Doctor, as long as she wants to treat it, there is no illness that can’t be cured.”

The two brothers chatted for a while and Feng Jiu went back to her small courtyard. She went into her room with her Eight Treasure Duck and she took out some spirit wine to drink while she feasted on the duck…

In the middle of the night, she went to the old lady’s courtyard once again. After she had finished the silver needle treatment, she left as she still had to give Zhuo Junyang treatment the next day.

After three consecutive days of busy work, Feng Jiu put away the last silver needle on the night of the third day and smiled at the old lady: “There’s no need to use the needles again.. There are ten pills here, take one pill a day and after ten days, you will no longer have any illness.”

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