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Chapter 2118: Acupuncture

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Seeing this, the old man felt snubbed. He could only turn around and go back to his room.

However, in the middle of the night, Feng Jiu went out quietly to the Old Madam’s courtyard in the East Manor. She told her during the day that she would come to treat her body at night. She only needed to be treated using needles for three days and take medicine for a few days to eliminate her physical ailments.

The old man knew Feng Jiu left her room. When he came out to take a look and saw that she was going to the East Manor, he went back to sleep.

Only one trusted maid was left with the Old Madam in the East Courtyard to keep watch at night. When she entered the courtyard, the trusted maid beside the Old Madam retreated and stayed outside the courtyard.

When Feng Jiu entered the room, she found Old Madam on the couch taking a nap and covered with a blanket. She called out, “Madam, are you still awake?” She thought she was going to sleep for a while and then get up, but it looked like she had been waiting for her?

“I’m not asleep. I’ve been waiting for you here.” The Old Madam answered, then motioned her to sit down. “Have you had dinner?”

Feng Jiu smiled. “Yes, I went out and ate outside.”

Old Madam nodded. “You are his disciple but you have been so neglected. I should have invited you to dinner tonight.”

“I’m fine.” She didn’t pay attention to these people.

“Can Junyang’s legs be cured?” Old Madam asked with her gaze fixed on Feng Jiu.

“They can be cured, but it’s impossible without all the medicine available. It’s going to take some time!” While taking out the silver needles, Feng Jiu explained, “His legs haven’t moved for a long time. Even if he’s well, he has to exercise before he can walk. I’m afraid he won’t be able to walk within a short time.”

The Old Madam nodded at her answer. “He didn’t know medicine. He didn’t teach you medical skills, did he?”

“No.” Feng Jiu looked up at her with a smile. “In fact, Master didn’t teach me anything because he only left a wisp of his soul and he couldn’t teach me anything. He helped me to open my meridians and gave me the Blue Edge Sword, however. He also left me a lot of secret manuals. ”

All these years, except for the skills she learned in her last life, she taught herself by reading those secret manuals.

Hearing this, the Old Madam was stunned. Although she had already guessed it vaguely, after all, she also said today that Chu Ba Tian only left a wisp of soul at that time. Naturally, it was impossible to teach her anything. However, just because of this Master, she helped them in this way. This piety moved her.

Today, she said that if her oldest son’s family wanted to leave Zhuo’s Manor and set up his own, she could help. But, she still cut off the possibility. In a word, she was selfish.

“Call me Old Madam from now on! Don’t call me Madam.” She told Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu was stunned and looked at her. “Why?”

“Now that I am the mother of Patriarch Zhuo, you say, isn’t it confusing if you still call me Madam?” She smiled. “Just call Old Madam!”

Feng Jiu nodded. “Alright, I’m going to administer acupuncture for you!”


She agreed and lied quietly on the soft couch, letting her administer the needles. Seeing Feng Jiu, who was dressed as a young man in azure, looking serious when putting in the needles, she couldn’t help being in a daze and her thoughts drifted away…

In the blink of an eye, after so many years, she thought there would be no more news from him. Unexpectedly, his disciple still came to them….

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