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Chapter 2070: Three Arrows At Once

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However, the man who had rolled down the volcano was howling in pain and wasn’t even able to stand up. He had to be supported by someone to walk to the back to lie down.

“Did you see that? If you fall down and get any bruises in this place it becomes a problem.” The old man glanced at the two of them and continued to climb up the volcano.

The volcano was very steep and there were very few places one could stand firmly on the ground. Therefore, everyone who climbed up the volcano was very cautious. However, at this time, three sharp arrows shot out in their direction in a fierce momentum.

Upon hearing the sound behind her, Feng Jiu’s lips curled into a smile: “Let’s see whose hand is quicker, we’ll kill the target in one shot!”

“No problem.”

Sage Hun Yuan responded, and just when those three arrows shot at them and were about to strike them, the three arrows were suddenly turned around and held in those three people’s hands. Almost in an instant, the three sharp arrows flew out of their hands and unanimously shot towards the fat man who was holding a bow at the foot of the volcano.




The three sharp arrows flew down from above at an impenetrable manner towards the fat man with a fierce and cold aura. This happened too quickly for anyone to react, and they only came out of their daze when they heard the blood-curdling screams escaping the fat man’s mouth. When they saw that scene, they were stunned.


The blood-curdling screams sounded sharply and echoed in the air. At that moment, whether it was the dozens of teams at the foot of the volcano or the people who had climbed halfway up the volcano, every one of them looked towards the origins of the screams.

They saw only a fat man who was holding a bow standing stiffly, his eyes were wide open in terror and the blood had drained from his face. The expression on his face was of extreme terror and there was a feathered arrow between his eyebrows. A trace of blood oozed from the wound in the flesh made by the arrow and dripped down.

Further down, there was also a feathered arrow stuck in his throat, but this arrow had penetrated right through his throat. It was also a kill with one shot.

Further down, there was also a feathered arrow pierced through his chest, into his heart. This arrow had also penetrated through his body leaving only a short length of the feathered arrow protruding out of his chest. At that moment, his stiff body fell back slowly.


With a loud noise, the fat man fell to the ground. Because of his weight, the ground trembled as soon as his body hit the ground. Everyone who saw this swallowed and took a few steps away from the fat man involuntarily.

Three arrows had been shot out! All three arrows were grasped and redirected back at the fat man and had struck every fatal point of his body…

For a while, everyone’s breathing became heavier and those who hadn’t recognised Sage Hun Yuan were even more frightened. They now saw those three people in a new light and they knew that they were definitely not someone you’d want to provoke. As for those who knew that the old man was Sage Hun Yuan, they were even more shocked.

If it was just Sage Hun Yuan it would have been expected, however, those two people were so powerful as well. It was just unexpected, just unexpected…

At this moment, they counted their blessings that they hadn’t rushed forward and attacked them, otherwise, their fate would no doubt be similar to that of the fat man.

The atmosphere at the foot of the volcano felt imposing all of a sudden. Those three people were so powerful, what would happen if they were to go up?

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