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Chapter 2002: Black Assassins Palace Lord

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“Leng Shuang, see him out. Have a horse carriage take him home.” Feng Jiu shouted outside. She then stood up holding on to the table for support and shook her head with a smile as she turned and walked back to her room.

After she had returned to her room, she washed her face and lay down on the bed. However, just as she was about to go to sleep, she heard footsteps on the roof walking by. Her eyes opened and a cold light flashed across them.

Who dared boldly come to her house in the middle of the night?

Her eyes closed and she listened quietly. From the sounds of the footsteps, she could tell that there was only one person. Was he here to gather information? Various thoughts entered her head as she skimmed over her possible enemies. However, she felt that given the current reputation of Heavenly Pill Tower, the forces in Hundred Rivers City weren’t likely to make a move against her.

It could be the group of people that were chasing after Old Tan a few days ago.

After that day, there had been no news of those people. She had sent Luo Yu to investigate and he had only found out that they had belonged to some hidden forces. As those people hadn’t made any moves since then, she thought that the matter had come to an end.

After the time of half a stick of incense, Leng Shuang’s voice came from outside.


“Come in.”

After she heard the command from inside the room, Leng Shuang walked in and came to the inner chamber. She spoke in a low voice: “Master, the Black Guards in the Manor have informed me that we have a visitor in the Feng Manor. However, the person has now left and they didn’t alert the visitor that we know of their appearance.”

“Alright.” With her eyes closed, she pulled her quilt over and said: “Tell them to be more vigilant over the next two days. As for their discovery earlier, tell them not to show themselves since the opposition hasn’t revealed themselves to us.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang responded then turned and went out of the room.

Feng Jiu slept for a while until night fell. Dozens of imperceptible footsteps passed over Feng Jiu’s roof and quietly appeared in the courtyard of the Feng Manor.

“Sure enough, there are no weak soldiers under the leadership of a capable leader. Did you know we would come?”

An evil voice could be heard in the night. The surrounding remained quiet as the voice came out. However, the excessive silence was not normal.

The door opened slowly and Feng Jiu, who was dressed in red, walked out slowly. Her gaze fell on the man who stood in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by his own men. She glanced calmly at him and asked: ” Are you from the Black Assassins Palace?”

The Black Assassins Palace was the force that had chased after Old Tan mercilessly and sought to kill him. This force was an assassination force and it was ranked quite highly in this area.

When the man in the middle heard this, his eyes flashed and he stared at Feng Jiu. Surprise showed in his eyes, much as if he had spotted his prey: “Hahaha, I didn’t expect the Ghost Doctor to not only have good medical skills but also adept investigative abilities. You have discovered that we are from the Black Assassins Palace in such a short time, impressive.”

“Are you the Black Assassins Palace Lord?” Her eyebrows raised slightly. She didn’t like that this person was looking at her like he had found his prey. This person had no awareness at all. On the contrary, he made no secret of his intentions.

The mouth of the leader twitched slightly and he stared at Feng Jiu: “It is such a pity for the Ghost Doctor to stay here in the small Hundred Rivers City with such talents. Why don’t you join me at Black Assassins Palace? The Palace highly appreciates the Ghost Doctor. If you are willing to come to Black Assassins Palace, then you will have much more than you do now.”

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