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Chapter 1952: First Meeting

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Mo Chen smiled warmly and shook his head. He replied unhurriedly: “Father, you don’t know Feng Jiu, she has a weird temper.”

Patriarch Nalan asked in surprise: “What do you mean weird temper?”

“She never flatters anyone and neither does she like flattery from others. If someone has caught her attention, even if the person’s strength is low, she will still treat the person differently. If that person hasn’t caught her attention, then no matter how strong or powerful that person is, it doesn’t matter because she won’t waste a second on that person.”

He looked at his father and smiled: “To be honest, I don’t have a deep friendship with her. I am just someone my Master sent to protect her. So Father, don’t try to make use of my relationship with her. Our Nalan Family’s background is strong enough to rise up in Hundred Rivers City. Don’t do anything unnecessary as not only will we be looked down upon by others, we may also be underestimated.”

He put down the teacup in his hand and stood up. He flicked his robe and said slowly: “Speaking of which, it’s been a few days since I last saw her. I shall pay her a visit now, I won’t be back for dinner.”

As soon as he had spoken, he walked out elegantly, like an immortal stepping on a cloud. Even his father and brother stared after him in a daze.

“This bastard!”

Patriarch Yang cursed, though he was unable to be angered because he knew that his son was reminding them to act appropriately and not do anything that would make them look bad.

“Father, I will go with Elder Brother.” Nalan Ziyan said. Before his father had a chance to speak, he hurried away to catch up with his brother: “Elder Brother, wait for me, I’m coming too!”

Patriarch Nalan shook his head as he watched his two sons leave and walked out himself.

Feng Mansion

As it was his first visit, Nalan Ziyan was following his elder brother like a country bumpkin who was on his first visit to the city. He looked left and right at everything and exclaimed in a low voice: “Oh my god! There is an array around this place! Who set up this array? If I came by myself I definitely wouldn’t be able to walk through the array!”

“The outside of Feng Mansion looks very ordinary, but who knew there’s so much more inside? Look Elder Brother, their pavilions here are even more exquisite than ours.”

“Is there some strong exponent hidden in here somewhere? Why do I feel like I’ve been being watched ever since I came in?”

Nalan Ziyan who had been following Mo Chen muttered quietly. As he wasn’t looking where he was going, he bumped into his elder brother who had stopped abruptly in front of him. He couldn’t help but touch his nose and grinned.

“Elder Brother, why did you stop suddenly?”

Mo Chen looked at him and shook his head: “Don’t make such a big fuss. You are the second son of the Nalan Family after all. How do you expect me to take you out in the future if you behave like this?”

Nalan Ziyan’s face reddened upon hearing this. He nodded seriously and replied: “Yes, I understand.”

As they were speaking, they saw a glamorous woman dressed in a black dress walking towards them from a short distance away. When he saw the unique disposition of the woman in the black dress, he couldn’t help but pull his elder brother’s sleeves: “Elder Brother, who is that lady?”

Mo Chen followed his gaze and said: “She’s called Leng Shuang, she’s one of Feng Jiu’s subordinates.” After he had replied, he saw his brother’s eyes staring at Leng Shuang and he warned: “Feng Jiu’s subordinates are not to be easily provoked. Gather your thoughts and stay away from her.”

“I don’t have any.” He protested quietly: “I’m not a playboy anyway.”

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