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Chapter 1934: A light cough

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The current her had a charming flush on her cheeks and her beautiful eyes seemed blurred due to passion. The tips of her brows had flirtatious looks and her delicate vermillion lips were slightly red and swollen because of the heated kiss. Her red lips parted slightly, giving off a beautiful orchid fragrance. Her figure and her looks were so seductive, inviting him to take a taste. Looking at her, his feelings became so ardent that he couldn’t help but lean over again, kissing the slightly parted lips…

When she shifted her body, Feng Jiu touched a heated part that was not foreign to her. She felt a little uncomfortable and moved around. Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Mo Ze let out a muffled groan.


Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s body stiffened. He groaned with hands holding her waist. His originally low and magnetic voice sounded hoarse at this moment. “Don’t move.”

Feng Jiu also froze and glared at him unhappily. “I’m not comfortable sitting.”

It was obviously a stare, but in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes, it had the flirtatious feeling mixed with dissatisfaction. That coquettish protest and charm made his breath turn ragged.

“Let’s go back to the room.” He put his arms around her and was about to carry her back to his room when he heard an untimely cough.


When they heard the cough, the couple sitting by the table turned stiff. After a brief shock, they turned simultaneously toward the sound.

They saw a figure in white sitting at the top of the wall in their courtyard. The figure was sitting at the side of the corner covered by a tree. They did not know how long he had been watching in silence.

This figure in white was none other than Nalan Mo Chen.

“Excuse me, I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

Mo Chen sat on the wall and did not jump down, asking them so gently. His handsome and elegant face, just like a banished immortal, had a kind smile. A pair of bottomless eyes were looking at the two people by the table.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face sank. His face immediately turned gloomy. He was sure that this man had done it on purpose!

Seeing that it was Mo Chen, there was a trace of embarrassment on Feng Jiu’s face. Who would have thought that their intimate moment was caught on the spot? How long had he been sitting there? How long had he been watching? She couldn’t believe that neither of them found him coming. They were really…careless.

Thinking their heated scenes just now were seen by him, the already flushed cheeks turned even redder and there was a trace of embarrassment on her face.

It was alright that someone met their affectionate moment by accident. However, when the intimacy was a bit larger in scale and viewed by others, it didn’t feel good.

Mo Chen, dressed in white like a banished immortal, sat on the wall, looked at the couple sitting together by the table, and captured their facial expressions. His gaze flitted over Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s gloomy and calm face and on Feng Jiu who sat in his embrace with both cheeks flushed. Mo Chen’s eyes flashed slightly.

He had never seen the way she looked now. She was more coquettish and alluring than usual. Even he, whose heart was as calm and still as water, couldn’t shift his gaze away either.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze, the first to sense his gaze at Feng Jiu, immediately snorted coldly.

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