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Chapter 1918: Disguise

The man in embroidered robes, also known as Nalan Ziyan, paused for a while then glanced at his father and said: “I heard from someone that they saw Elder Brother come out of a brothel a few days ago.”

As soon as he said those words, he hurriedly added: “Maybe that person made a mistake and didn’t see elder brother. After all, how can someone like Elder Brother go to a brothel!”

Upon hearing this, Patriarch Nalan was taken aback: “Brothel? How is that possible? It’s impossible for Mo Chen to visit the brothel.”

Patriarch Nalan waved his hand and said: “Even if he did go to the brothel, it must be because he had some matter he had to deal with. Regardless of the status of our Nalan Family, many people want to marry their daughters into our household just based on the fact that he is the disciple of Old Man Tianji.”

“Yes, that’s why later on I sent someone to investigate and apparently he was sent there by someone. At that time, Elder Brother was unconscious from being drunk.” His voice gradually became softer when he spoke about this.

When he thought about the possibility that his elder brother had been made drunk by someone and sent over to the brothel, he really admired that person. His brother, the disgraced immortal who had always abstained from worldly desires, had actually fallen into someone’s trap. It was inconceivable.

Patriarch Nalan was stunned and speechless for a while upon hearing this. He asked with curiosity and surprise: “Who is so capable? He was able to get him drunk? And even sent him to the brothel? Then, was he… ahem!”

He clamped his fist over his mouth and coughed, and said nothing more.

Nalan Ziyan smiled brilliantly: “I heard that only his hands and legs were touched. Elder brother woke up when he was being undressed halfway.”


Patriarch Nalan was unable to conceal his smile. He tried to look serious and said: “That’s good. I thought something had happened to him in the past two days. So it’s just because of this matter. That’s fine. Give my orders that he is not to be disturbed. Just let him have some peace and quiet.”

“Alright.” Nalan Ziyan said with a smile. He stepped back and saluted before he left.

On the other side, the news of the two families searching for a handsome young boy in azure robes spread across the city. Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard about it, and even Leng Hua, Du Fan and the others knew about it. Almost as soon as they heard the news, they started searching and thought, surely they would bump into her on the streets?

However, they never expected that Feng Jiu had come out of space after changing her clothes.

At first glance, Feng Jiu looked like an ordinary old woman. She was hunchbacked and dressed in an inconspicuous grey robe, her hair was grey and there were wrinkles on her face. She also held a one metre long bamboo cane as a walking stick.

In addition to that, she placed one hand behind her waist and walked slowly with the bamboo cane in her hand. No one would have guessed that this was a disguise with that appearance and posture.

Feng Jiu squinted her eyes and walked unhurriedly. She was originally going to change her disguise simply, However, after careful consideration, she decided to transform herself into an old woman. Even if Leng Hua and the others were to walk past her, she was sure that they wouldn’t recognise her.

As she thought of this, she smiled happily. Those two families had caused such a big commotion looking for her everywhere, she was sure that by now, Leng Hua and the others would have heard the news.

It was fine, she could just take a walk around the city first and see if they were able to find her. If they were unable to find her, she would go to the Nalan Residence first.

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