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Chapter 1912: Captain Is Definitely Not A Woman

Lei Xiao glanced at everyone and they all grinned. One of them responded: “That’s true. No matter what, he is still our Captain. But to be honest, I am really curious about the identity of Captain! Aren’t you curious?” The man smiled, squinting at Lei Xiao and asked.

Lei Xiao cleared his throat and said with a sullen face: “What’s there to be curious about? Didn’t the Captain ask us to wait a moment? We will know soon enough, what is there to speculate about?”

At the side, Number One smiled coldly when he heard this. He was just about to say something when someone around him exclaimed: “Look! Captain is coming out!”

“Huh? Why has he changed? Captain looks even more handsome now than he did before.”

“I know, Captain has been wearing a disguise all this time! But what disguise technique is so formidable? Even those people couldn’t see through it?”

“If Captain didn’t say anything, we wouldn’t have been able to tell either.”

“But honestly, Captain’s face is so handsome. I’m sure many girls will be mesmerised by him.”

“Hahaha, why don’t you just be more direct. If the Captain is a woman, her beauty would be unparalleled.”

“Enough, you can’t talk such nonsense. Comparing the Captain to a woman? Is your skin itchy? Be careful or the Captain will lecture you.”

“Hehe, it’s just casual talk. Besides, how can the Captain be a woman? What woman would be so abnormal, so formidable? Isn’t that right?”

“That’s true, that’s true.” They declared quickly when they saw that their Captain had walked in front of them.

The bearded man grinned even more and said loudly: “How can the Captain be a girl? Tell me, where in the world can there be such a girl who is as powerful as our Captain? Look at Captain, there is nothing womanly about him. He is just a handsome young boy, don’t you think?”

“That’s right.”

Everyone responded hurriedly. However, when they saw their Captain had raised his eyebrows and wrapped his arms across his chest staring at them with a faint smile, the hairs on their bodies stood up involuntarily.

Why did the Captain’s smile look so dangerous? This really unsettled them, could it be that they had said something wrong?

Although the bearded man was pretty brave, he had a creepy feeling as he looked at their Captain’s smile. He couldn’t help but touched his head and smiled embarrassedly: “Captain, don’t be angry! We were just joking. It’s true. You are just better looking and more handsome that’s all. You don’t look like a woman at all. Really.”

“Oh? Is that so? I don’t look like a woman?” Feng Jiu gave him a cool glance, her eyes still smiling.

Although he was supposed to be laughing, however, the bearded man found that he was unable to continue laughing anymore. Instead, he spoke with a straight face: “Who dares to say our Captain looks like a woman will have to deal with me! We are all men, and we have slept in the communal bunks. You’ve even seen me run around stark naked, how can she be a woman?”


Feng Jiu chuckled softly and the bearded man’s goosebumps rose. Why did it seem like something was not quite right? What was wrong? He touched his head but was unable to come up with a reason for a long while.

As soon as the sound of her chuckle ended, Feng Jiu looked at the serious faces of the crowd and spoke in a voice filled with jest…

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