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Chapter 1896: Hung upside down

“Haha, Little Brother, you’re not a local, are you? Are you going to enter the city? I wonder if it’s convenient to talk to you.” The middle aged man asked, looking at the young man in azure.

“It’s inconvenient. I’m busy!” Feng Jiu answered and walked past him.

The middle aged man didn’t stop her. He kept staring at Feng Jiu who headed towards the entrance, then he also walked in the same direction.

When she got inside, Feng Jiu didn’t stop over. The place she agreed with them was not the Floating Cloud City, but a small town under the city’s jurisdiction. It would take less than half a day to reach the place on a flying sword. However, when she arrived, would the others have arrived there already?

She walked straight, crossed the main street and squeezed through the crowd. Without looking back, she sensed that she was trailed, one in the open while the other one was in secret.

Her lips curved up in a smile. When she passed a tavern on her way, she took out a wine gourd from the space and purchased some wine. While walking, she was drinking wine leisurely.

The two men following her had been paying close attention to the figure in azure. Others didn’t notice the scene outside the city gate, but they did. The boy indeed appeared suddenly using a teleportation device. A common teleportation device didn’t have that kind of light, so what he had was extraordinary.

With such a treasure in his possession, this young man’s strength was only at the Peak of Foundation Building rank. For such a man, let alone seizing his treasure, taking his life was as easy as flipping one’s own hand.

In particular, the young man wasn’t alert at all. As they were trailing him all the way, he did not turn his head to take notice. With such a treasure in his possession, if they didn’t seize it by force, someone else would.

In the mountain path, under the tree nearby, Feng Jiu was drinking wine while humming a song. She leaned against the tree to rest with her eyes partially open. She was giving those pursuers a chance.

With the wine in her arms, she closed her eyes and looked as if she were asleep. Just then, two people came out not far behind. They looked at each other and saw the greed in each other’s eyes.

“It’s mine. I advise you to leave.” A middle aged man said, staring at another person. Their strengths equally matched. If they were vying for the treasure, it’s uncertain who would obtain it!

“Tch!” The other man sneered. “Is that up to you?” With this, he suddenly swept forward and attacked the young man in azure with great speed.

The boy kept the treasure on his body. As long as he got it, the other man wouldn’t be able to overtake him!

When the other man saw this, he cursed, lifted up his breath and swept forward, aiming at the young man under the tree.

But just as they were about to attack, the young man, whose eyes had been closed as if he were drunk, suddenly opened his eyes and grinned at them. They were both startled, but it was too late for them to pull back.

The young man suddenly grabbed their feet and pulled them down. At the same time, he lifted their feet up, pulled out their belts, tied their feet together and hung them upside down from a tree.



The two men gasped and exclaimed in shock, their faces turned pale in an instant. They were all Nascent Soul cultivators, but they were hung upside down by a youngster with their hands tied in such a way that they were unable to move.

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