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Chapter 1834: Who new how he got lost?

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“I also know a little about arrays, but I don’t know what this array is like. I can’t guarantee that I can get past it.” Another man said.

When he heard those two men volunteer, another man said: “I am fairly proficient in arrays, maybe I can give it a try. There was a sense of self-satisfaction when he spoke.

Feng Jiu looked at them and after she had finished eating her fruit, she raised her hand and said: “I know a little about arrays too.”

However, everyone automatically ignored Feng Jiu. It was obvious that they looked down on him and felt that even if this young boy did know a little about arrays, it was probably only superficial knowledge. After all, the few of them who knew about arrays were Golden Core cultivators. How could he, who was a mere Foundation cultivator, compare with them?

“In that case, the both of you will come with me to take a look!” The man who said that he was proficient in arrays said to the other two men and walked on ahead.

When she saw this, Feng Jiu put her hand down sheepishly. Alright, in that case, since they didn’t need her help and ignored her, she would continue to pretend to be transparent.

The three of them explored the road ahead first and studied the array to determine what kind of array this was. The others waited for them and didn’t move. After a while, the three of them came back.

“Follow me! This array is not a big deal, it’s just an ordinary enchantment array. Although it has been slightly altered, it’s not a big problem.” The man who had said that he was proficient in arrays said and beckoned for everyone to follow him.

Upon seeing this, everyone looked at each other and then followed three men forwards and walked into the enchantment array. Once they had entered the array, the fog became so dense that none of them could see the person in front of them. Therefore, the people who were in front led the people behind them by letting them hold on to their sleeve. Feng Jiu was right at the back and didn’t hold on to anyone’s sleeve, nor was the person in front of her willing to let her hold his sleeve. Hence, she followed silently.

However, after they had walked for a while, she was slightly surprised, she raised her eyebrows and stopped walking. Although she couldn’t see clearly, she could hear footsteps in front of her. The voices of those people who were calling for help earlier had also disappeared.


The corners of her lips curled and she revealed a smile. Her spirit intent was released at this point. When she was sure that there were no Nascent Soul cultivators or Celestial Strong Exponents around her, she slowed down and walked leisurely within this array.

As for those people who were walking ahead of her, they felt that something was wrong after walking for a while and couldn’t help but stop: “Something’s not right! Why do we seem to be walking around in circles?”

“Where has the person calling for help gone? Why can’t I hear his voice now?” Lei Xiao who was at the front asked, and no one was able to answer him.

At this moment, the man who had said that he was proficient in arrays was breaking out in cold sweat. He murmured: “How can this be? How can this be? Why does this array seem to be continually changing? It wasn’t like this when we first walked in here!”

When they heard this, everyone knew that they were trapped and fell silent. At this point, Bi San who was at the front shouted: “Kid? Kid? You there?”

When he didn’t hear a response, he knew that it wasn’t a good sign. So he asked immediately: “Where’s that young boy? Has anyone seen him?” Bi San counted the number of men as he walked to the end of the line. When he got to the last person, he asked: “Where is the young boy who was behind you? Wasn’t he holding on to your sleeve? Why didn’t you say anything when he disappeared?”

“Who knew he disappeared? He didn’t hold on to my sleeve.” That man said a little indignantly.

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