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Chapter 1820: Even more shocked

“The newcomer, come over.”

As soon as the Ghost Elder said this, the crowd followed his line of sight and found the frail young man in blue at the back. The young man was the weakest among so many people.

Feng Jiu, who was standing at the back, hesitated for a moment when she saw that everyone’s gaze fell on her. Then she came forward with some fear. Maybe it was because of Ghost Elder’s command, the people who were blocking her path turned aside to make way for her.

“For, for what?” Feng Jiu asked in a trembling voice. From her face, she seemed to have no backbone. Her legs shook slightly while looking at Ghost Elder.

“Ha ha ha ha, nothing.” Ghost Elder squinted his eyes and exposed a menacing sneer. “You look like a coward, but that old guy still brought you in. So, naturally, I have to give you special treatment.”

When the crowd heard this, they had different facial expressions, yet their thoughts were unknown.

Feng Jiu waved her hand and kept the fear on her face under control. She said, “No, don’t give me special treatment. Treat me just like everyone else.” This old man had a sinister smile. You can tell at a glance that nothing good was going on.

Ghost Elder glared at Feng Jiu with his eyes narrowed and sneered creepily. “Just wait until you pass this hurdle! We’ll start this death elimination with you.” As soon as he finished speaking, a ferocious beast appeared beside him with a wave of his hand.


It was a peak level Saint Beast possessing a ferocious nature, known as the Demon Tiger. Different from the common tiger, this Demon Tiger’s fur was as hard as iron with two sharp fangs protruding from its mouth. There were three red stripes on the tiger’s left and right cheeks and a pair of terrifying and fierce bloodthirsty eyes.

This was Ghost Eldert’s contract beast that was only one step away from becoming a Sacred Beast. Now, he called the beast out.

When the crowd saw the ferocious beast, their eyes flashed. They couldn’t help but take a few steps back and stared at the Eclipse Demon Tiger in a defensive manner. Ghost Elder suddenly called out this tiger. Even the strongest of them could not fight this ferocious beast alone.


At this moment, some people looked at Feng Jiu with complicated feelings. They saw that the young man who was standing in front of them looked confused. His body was trembling, his face was very pale and his mouth was wide open at the sight of the ferocious beast that suddenly appeared before him. Perhaps he was scared and didn’t know how to step back.

Ghost Elder squinted and stroked the Eclipse Demon Tiger’s head. His eyes kept staring at Feng Jiu eerily. “Go, bite this kid’s legs.” With this command, the tiger roared and swept out. With its mouth open, exposing its sharp fangs, it pounced at Feng Jiu.


Feng Jiu watched in a daze. She kept staring foolishly until she heard Ghost Elder’s command and saw the majestic and ferocious Eclipse Demon Tiger roar. When the tiger pounced at her, as if frightened, she let out a shrill and frightened scream.


Her voice was shrill and ear-piercing, carrying the Foundation Building cultivator’s distinctive pressure. To the crowd’s amazement, the sound pierced through their ears so that their eardrums were in extreme pain accompanied by sudden heart palpitations.

However, what shocked them even more was that the young man in azure fled like the wind…

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