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Chapter 1789: I came from the mountains

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When the man saw Feng Jiu’s apologetic look, he didn’t say anything more. He just packed some clean water with a gloomy face, and then turned away and went toward the downstream.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu yelled, “Big Brother, please wait a moment.”

“What for?” The man stopped and looked back at Feng Jiu with a gloomy face. His tone was not amiable.

Feng Jiu smiled. “I came to the mountain to gather medicinal herbs and got lost by accident. I’d like to ask if there is a road to get out of this forest faster?”

The man glanced at Feng Jiu and his eyes stayed on the medicine basket for a while. Then he said, “Follow this headwater downstream. It’s the fastest way out of the mountain.” After giving this answer, he left in a hurry.

“Thank you very much.” Feng Jiu raised her voice and took a glance at the water source. Of course, she understood that she had to follow the stream, but how long would it take?

Although she wasn’t busy, she didn’t want to stay in the forest for too long. With a sigh, she carried the medicine basket on her back and continued to walk down, thinking that when she got out of this dense forest, she could ride the flying sword and save some transportation time.

At a place downstream, the man who met Feng Jiu earlier handed the water to a middle-aged man in his fifties to drink, and then asked anxiously, “Father, what do you think? Do you feel better? ”

“I will feel much better after having a rest.” The middle-aged man exhaled lightly, leaned against the big tree and took a nap.

On his side were several big men that looked to be in their thirties to fifties. They were accompanied by an old man dressed in gray, carrying a delicate little medicine box around his waist. He seemed to be a physician.

They surrounded the middle-aged man who was leaning on the tree. Worry was written clearly in furrowed brows.

“I didn’t expect that the alchemists and physicians at the Opulent Celestial Sect couldn’t do anything, so our option was only to go to the Heavenly Sun Sect for a check.” The old man in grey sighed. He looked at the middle-aged man and said, “Master, don’t worry. There are many people with excellent medical skills in the world. As long as you can meet them, Patriarch will be alright.”

“That’s all, I have given up hope. Even the Opulent Celestial Sect’s Saint-rank physician and Saint-rank alchemist said there was no solution. What else can I do? Life and death are a matter of fate, so be it! I don’t want to bother any more, go back!”

He looked exhausted. He was constantly on the road, seeking medical treatment for several months. Everyone he met would say that there was nothing he could do and asked him to look for a better-qualified physician. In the past few months, they had visited three of the four great sects, and now only the Heavenly Sun Sect remained.

However, the other three were not able to do anything, what could the Heavenly Sun Sect do? This seemed to be god’s will and he didn’t want to insist any more. Instead, he might as well go back to the family to arrange the funeral in the family while his body still lasts, so as to avoid his family turning into chaos after his death.

The crowd turned silent. After searching for so long, asking so many highly skilled physicians, and seeking medicine from some high-ranked alchemists, there was no cure and suitable medicine. Maybe, there was really no way.

When they were in a low mood, suddenly they heard someone humming a song softly. The tune seemed to be different from what they were used to, and the sound filled this part of the woods and echoed through the air. It was hard to tell from which direction it came.

“Let’s go!” The middle-aged man looked around and told the people around him.

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