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Chapter 1782: An eccentric person

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“I’ve met Sect Master and all the Peak Masters.” Murong Yixuan stood up and saluted.

The Sect Master waved his hand and his gaze fell on the red-robed Feng Jiu. He asked Murong Yixuan, “Is your master’s condition getting better?”

“Master was a little feverish last night, but with Feng Jiu here, he’s all right now. ” He reported candidly.

The Sect Master nodded. He gestured towards his back, and then said, “All the spirit herbs are ready.” Several disciples behind him walked in with boxes of the spirit herbs and put them into the room inside.

Feng Jiu glanced and replied, “I’ll have a look later.” She continued to eat breakfast.

“Take us to see your master.” The Sect Master told Murong Yixuan.

“Yes. Sect Master, all the Peak Masters, please come in.” He invited them to enter the room together.

When they were inside to visit True Monarch Yuan Qing, Feng Jiu went into the room to see the spirit herbs after finishing her breakfast. She picked up the various spirit herbs and put them aside. She was very satisfied with the spirit herbs they had brought.

She put these spirit herbs into the space, then went out and called out. “Murong Yixuan.”

“What’s the matter?” He came out from the room and asked.

“Get me an alchemy room.” She said softly.

When the Sect Master heard this, he came out. “There is the best-equipped alchemy room in our sect’s Alchemy Peak.. You can go there to refine medicinal pills.”

Feng Jiu shook her head. “It’s too troublesome. It’s enough to find a place on this peak.”

“There is no alchemy room on this peak and no alchemy furnace or anything like that. I’m afraid… ” Murong Yixuan had not finished speaking when he saw Feng Jiu waved her hand and stopped.

“I don’t need those things. I just need a spacious place where I won’t be disturbed.”

Murong Yixuan pondered a bit and answered her. “There is a cave-dwelling 100 meters away. It’s empty. There is a protection array around it. No one will walk around the place there. It’s just that there is nothing but the cave.”

“That’s it. Please point the location for me, I’ll go there myself. I’ll come out when the pills are refined. Don’t disturb me before the pills are ready.” As she instructed, she glanced at the Sect Master and all the Peak Masters. “Also, I hope your Opulent Celestial Sect can help block any news about me and don’t leak it out.”

The people were surprised and looked at each other, but they also nodded and agreed. He had a curious disposition to dislike fame, where other men yearned for it.

Yes, from the moment they saw the young man last night, they felt that his temper was a bit eccentric. Such a request would not be surprising.

“I’ll take you there!” Murong Yixuan personally took her to the other side of the cave. It’s only a hundred meters away and not very far. He sent her over and then came back.

“Where did you bring this young man called Feng Jiu, also known as Ghost Doctor, from?” The Peak Masters, who kept vigil at the cave-dwelling, asked Murong Yixuan once he’s back inside.

Last night they didn’t have a chance. Today, finally the opportunity came, so they had to ask.

“He is my friend. I saved his grandparents some time ago and sent them home recently. After hearing the news of my master’s accident, I asked him to come and help me. ” With that, Murong Yixuan took a look at everyone. “His medical skills are very good. Don’t worry, with him, my master will be all right.

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