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Chapter 1775: Not Fated To Die

“Confiscated her black token?” The Black Market Chief sneered: “Who had such guts to do that? Chop his hand off for me!” After a pause, he continued speaking with an unhappy expression: “The branches below will need to go through some reorganisation, they don’t follow the rules at all.”

“Yes.” The old man answered, looking down and not daring to speak again.

After a while, the Black Market Chief asked again: “Where is Feng Jiu now?”

“She should be in Xuan Yuan Palace right now.” The old man replied, and then he asked: “Master, do you want to invite her over?”

“Forget it, there will be another chance to meet in the future.” He waved his hand and motioned for him to leave.

The old man bent down and retreated. As for the Black Market Chief, after the old man had left, he walked over to the window and looked out. The sky was misty and the moon was high, the stars in the night sky were dazzling like bright lights…

On the other side, the upper reaches of the mainland, Opulent Celestial Sect.

Opulent Celestial Sect was one of the four main sects in the upper reaches of the mainland. Here, there were children from various noble families and major families from all over the upper reaches of the mainland, their talents were generations abound.

The children from the major families of the upper reaches of the mainland took pride in being able to enter four of the Great Immortal Sects. One of the reasons was being able to rely on the support of the Great Sect, and the other reason being that they were all powerful people with outstanding strength in the Sects.

No matter where they were, the disciples of the Four Great Immortal Sects were definitely stronger and more outstanding than others. The Masters of these disciples were all at peak-stages of the very top levels and were even more extraordinary.

Now that the True Monarch Yuan Qing of the Opulent Celestial Sect had been gravely poisoned and his life was hanging on the edge of a thread, even if the Opulent Celestial Sect had deliberately tried to conceal the matter, they would have been able to stop the news from spreading.

Almost as soon as the news had spread, some people sympathized, some people sighed, and there were others who secretly rejoiced.

The True Monarch of each Sect was a great symbol of great importance. If one were to fall, the blow to the Opulent Celestial Sect would be unimaginable. As far as they knew, the True Monarch Yuan Qing didn’t have many disciples like the other sects, he only had one disciple called Murong Yixuan.

That night, on one of the main peaks at the Opulent Celestial Sect, all the Peak Masters and Sect Masters had gathered there. Their faces were solemn, and the atmosphere within the Immortal cave dwelling was depressing.

“Has the True Monarch Yuan Qing’s disciple been informed?” The Sect Master looked at everyone.

“He was notified four hours ago, but he’s still not back yet.” Someone replied.

“Why hasn’t Murong Yixuan rushed back at such a critical time? The Sect’s teleportation device takes one hour at the very most to arrive back here. It’s outrageous that he still hasn’t returned!” One of the other True Monarchs who was very close to True Monarch Yuan Qing said with an angry expression on his face.

“What’s ridiculous is that the crazy old man said he won’t die.” The angry True Monarch snorted: “No one in this whole Sect has any solution. I would really like to see whether he will be fine in such a dire situation. Otherwise, I will have to smash up his sign!”

The others didn’t dare to speak but sighed secretly in their hearts. This time, they were afraid that True Monarch Yuan Qing wouldn’t be able to survive. Yet, the crazy old man who was always idle had raved that the True Monarch Yuan Qing was not fated to die yet.

Of course they had hoped that nothing would happen to True Monarch Yuan Qing like he had said. However, with the situation right now, it was clear that everyone was at a loss, so who could save him?

What’s more, the crazy old man was nicknamed as such because everything he had said in the past was never accurate…

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