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Chapter 1766: My Goal

On the other side, Feng Jiu had found Guan Xilin. He was with Luo Yu and the others training at the martial arts practice field. What was unexpected was that the Glorious East Country Ruler was also standing aside watching.

When he saw her approaching, the Glorious East Country Ruler stepped forward immediately.

“Master.” The Glorious East Country Ruler stepped forward and bowed. He said: “I was just about to come and find Master to report the matter to Master. I wonder if Master has time now?”

Upon hearing this, she glanced at the others on the martial arts practice field and said to the Glorious East Country Ruler: “Go to the pavilion over there!” She turned and walked over to the pavilion.

When she got to the pavilion, she sat down where she could see the others training in the martial arts practice field. After she had observed them for a while, she turned and looked at the Glorious East Country Ruler: “What’s the matter? Tell me now!”

“Well, this is what’s going on now. The other two empires already belong to us, so I wondered what plan Master has in mind next? Do you want to send someone to take control of those two empires?”

“No need, you can manage the empires of Glorious East, and run everything as you’ve been doing.” Speaking of which, Feng Jiu glanced at him: “You haven’t even finished dealing with Glorious East. Now that everything here is resolved, go back first!”

As she spoke, her hand moved and she brought out a bottle: “There is a pill in here that will help you advance. When you get back, find a suitable opportunity to take it.”

When he saw this, the Glorious East Country Ruler couldn’t help but took the bottle excitedly: “Thank you for the pill!” He knew how powerful her elixir pills were. Just look at Xuan Yuan Country Ruler whose dantian had been abolished, and now he was able to cultivate immortality again. That elixir pill could be called an immortality pill!

“If you work well for me, I won’t treat you badly.” Feng Jiu said slowly.

“Yes, Master can rest reassured, I will do my best for Master. As long as it’s Master’s orders, I will carry them out!” He said quickly as he held on to his elixir pill and trembled slightly.

If he was able to advance further, his strength and longevity would be increased. This was something that he had never dared to think about before.

After the Glorious East Country Ruler retreated, Feng Jiu sat in the pavilion and observed. She was higher up here than the martial arts practice field so she was able to see their moves more clearly.

After a short while, Guan Xilin retreated from the martial arts practice ground, he raised his breath and came to the pavilion: “Little Jiu, why are you here?”

“I was bored so I came over to take a look.” She replied, one hand supported her chin as she glanced over at the Feng Guards in the martial arts practice field. She looked at Guan Xilin and said: “Elder brother, do you have any plans for the future?”

Guan Xilin sat down and said with a smile upon hearing this: “I was going to speak to you about it in the next few days, but since you asked, then I will tell you now!” He paused and looked at her, then continued speaking: “I was thinking since things here have been handled, I was going to leave for the upper reaches of the mainland in a few days.”

“A few days?” She was slightly surprised: “So soon?”

“Well, there is nothing important here, so I want to join a mercenary group after I arrive at the upper reaches of the mainland and continue with my training.” He laughed loudly and said: “Little Jiu, you have become stronger, so elder brother has to become stronger too. In the future, if you need my help, I will then be able to assist you. There is nothing better than joining a mercenary group.”

With a confident smile on his resolute face and determination in his eyes, he said: “I major in profound energy, and I can only improve my strength in actual combat. Moreover, I also hope to make a name for myself over there.”

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