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Chapter 1757: Dead or Alive

“Here comes Mo Ze, please sit down.”

Feng Sanyuan motioned him to sit down. Just, after hearing Little Feng’s words, he felt very tense. Su Xi might not be able to see it, but he could.

When Su Xi asked if Ye’er was still alive, Little Feng’s look changed for a split second and he caught sight of it. Did his child really die? He’s such a small child, only three years old…

Thinking of this, the rim of his eyes reddened and his heart was filled with unbearable grief. He tried his best to suppress it because after hearing Little Feng’s consoling words, Su Xi, who worried constantly on the road, finally looked relieved.

He knew that she was always tense like a tightly-pulled string. If she knew that her child perished, she would not be able to live.

“Little Jiu, where are your parents? Is Ye’er with them?” Because she didn’t see Feng Xiao, Su Xi thought the child was with Feng Xiao.

Feng Jiu held her hand. “Grandmother, don’t worry. Please drink tea first to calm your mind. Your internal injury is not healed completely, so can’t get too excited.”

She sat next to her and looked at her grandfather with a smile. “Grandfather, Grandmother, Little Ye’er and Sunny are not with my father. They have a different fate.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat sipping his tea without looking up. Murong Yixuan’s eyes flashed, yet still looked as calm as before. Old Patriarch Feng nodded when he heard this and kept silent. Only Su Xi looked startled and asked, “What fate? If they’re not with your father, who are they with?”

“They went out along the secret passage and got to a safe place, but the two children were still young after all. The Feng Guards didn’t know the existence of the secret passage. When we returned, it had already been a while.”

Feng Jiu paused. After looking at the nervous Su Xi, she continued, “They experienced hardships outside, were taken to the slave market, and then escaped, and in order to avoid those people, they went into a grove.”

“And then? A grove? Where is it? Are there ferocious beasts? They…” Su Xi started panicking and turned pale at the thought of the two children going into the grove alone.

Although Sunny had some training experience, he was only a seven or eight-year-old child. If he met ferocious beasts, how could he withstand their attacks?

Feng Sanyuan listened with both hands clenched into fists. He could imagine the critical situation. The two children should have been…

Feng Jiu took a glance at Su Xi and nodded. “Yes. They encountered ferocious beasts there and were attacked.”

As soon as these words came out, Su Xi’s body turned weak. Feng Sanyuan came to her in a hurry to hold and comfort her. “Don’t worry, didn’t Little Feng tell you? They’re fine. It’s alright, it’s alright.”

“They were attacked by ferocious beasts and injured. At that time, we were following their trails, but we were too slow. When we arrived, they were saved by a Taoist priest.” When he said this, Feng Jiu gathered her eyes.

She kept hoping that the two children had been saved, but the chance was slim. In such a situation, who would have appeared by chance to save them? If they had really been saved, there should have been news after her continuous search.

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