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Chapter 1752: I’m going with you

“She is at the Xuanyuan Palace now. If you go there right away, maybe you can meet her. However, if you wait several more days, I think she might come to the upper continent.”

Murong Yixuan answered gently while thinking of Feng Jiu. Thinking of her, without even asking, he knew that the forces from the upper continent destroyed the Phoenix Empire that she had established. This matter would never end like this.

“Then, what are we waiting for? I’ll pack up right away and take Su Xi back with me.” As he said this, he swept inside while shouting. “Su Xi! Su Xi! Pack up quickly. We’re going back at once!”

Having stayed here for a long time, although Murong Yixuan had someone send a message, he had no idea whether the people there received the message. They’d better go back and have a look. Moreover, their son was still there. The child was so young that he wouldn’t be at ease without them around.

Su Xi came out. When she saw Murong Yixuan, she nodded to him. “Young Master Murong, you’re here.” Just as she uttered these words, she was immediately pulled into the room by Feng Sanyuan.

“Yixuan said that Little Feng is now in the Xuanyuan Empire. Let’s go back at once, if not, we won’t be able to meet her.”

Upon hearing this, Su Xi was wreathed with smiles. “Alright, let’s set out right away.” They didn’t have many belongings, so they would just leave after packing.

Thinking about her son there, she was all excited to hear that they were going back. She hadn’t seen her son for a long time. The child was still in a growth phase. He must have grown a lot, right?

Murong Yixuan watched them enter the room to pack and then came out in a short time. He walked over to them. “Grandfather Feng, I’ll take you back!” He hadn’t seen her for such a long time. He also wanted to see how she was now.

“This…” Feng Sanyuan hesitated. “Is this alright? Will it delay your business?”

“It won’t.” He smiled at them warmly.

“Then I’ll trouble you.” Feng Sanyuan said. He sighed inwardly, knowing that he wanted to go back to see Little Feng. But, the past was the past. What good would this do?

So, Murong Yixuan took the secret guard with him and went with them on an airship to the Xuanyuan Empire in the lower continent…

Meanwhile, in the Xuanyuan Empire. Besides handing the elixirs during the half-month period, Feng Jiu also went into seclusion for a month. She hadn’t come out yet. During this period of time, Guan Xilin with the Feng Guards and others had returned. At the same time, the Glorious East Empire’s ruler also arrived at the Empire of Xuanyuan.

Another half a month later, three tribulation lightning struck out from the sky. The people keeping watch outside the alchemy room saw that after the three peals of lightning, the whole palace was filled with strong medicinal fragrance.

“I think it’s done. ” Guan Xilin spoke with a smile on his resolute face.

“I know there’s nothing Ghost Doctor can’t do.” Gray Wolf grinned, feeling somewhat excited. This was the pill to repair the Dantian! Needless to say, this skill alone was enough to shock the world.

In the world of immortal cultivation, if one’s Dantian was destroyed, it’s similar to being one’s cultivation abolished. Those cultivators who had been abolished were just like cripples. Now with this pill, as long as the news that the pill for restoring the Dantian was spread, the whole world of immortal cultivation would be in an uproar.

The Glorious East Empire’s ruler, who was also standing outside, glanced inside and could not help thinking to himself…Can one’s Dantian really be restored?

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