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Chapter 1714: Truly A Prodigy

After her bath, Feng Jiu went to her parents’ courtyard first. Once there, she saw Guan Xilin and she called out with a smile: “Father, Mother, Elder Brother.”

When the three people in the courtyard heard this voice, they turned their heads at once. They saw her in her red dress as she floated in with an aura of self-confidence and arrogance. Although she was a person, however, the aura on her body seemed to have gone through earth-shattering changes and they were secretly surprised when they saw this.

Earlier, they had been told by Leng Hua that Little Jiu had advanced, and that it was possible that it was even higher than the Celestial stage. Now that they’ve seen her, they realised, could there have been a change as well? Her whole person seemed to have changed greatly.

Now, her aura seemed to dissolve into the space between heaven and earth, and if you didn’t notice her carefully, you wouldn’t notice her aura. It was as if she had reached the realms between man and heaven.

Her red dress was obviously dazzling, but it looked ethereal and blurred. Her face seemed to be hidden by a cloud of mist and it was a little hard to see.

“Little Jiu, what strength rank are you now?” Feng Xiao asked in shock. He had seen many people in the world, but he had never seen anyone like her. Surely her strength was higher than the Celestial realm?

Feng Jiu pursed her lips and said with a smile: “I am now at the peak level of the Immortal Scared.”

“Immortal, Immortal Sacred Peak?”

Feng Xiao’s eyes widened in astonishment, Immortal Sacred Peak, that level was above the Celestial realm. However, generally speaking, no matter how talented a cultivator was, he wouldn’t jump directly from the Nascent Soul Peak to the Immortal Sacred Peak!

The higher the stage was, the more difficult it was to advance. Even the forces of the Upper Reaches, those who went against them, didn’t have any cultivators that surpassed the Celestial stage. Yet she had gone into seclusion for half a year and she had actually advanced to the Immortal Sacred Peak stage from the Nascent Soul stage? Even if a cultivator had fifty years to one hundred years of cultivation, they would not even be able to reach that level.

Shangguan Wanrong looked at her daughter with an incredulous expression and muttered: “Immortal Sacred Peak? The combat power of one is equivalent to one hundred Celestial Strong Exponents…”

One person has the combat power equivalent of one hundred Celestial Strong Exponents. Just how terrifying was this fighting power? Was this a strong exponent within the strong exponents?

When she thought of this, her heart thumped and jumped. With this kind of strength, Little Jiu needn’t fear anyone anymore. Furthermore, she was still young, in time, her strength would most definitely increase again. Even the families of the Upper Reaches would weigh in as to whether they wanted to be an enemy of such a strong exponent.

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm her excitement. She was really happy that her daughter could have such strength and be so strong. This way, in the future, when she was on her own on the outside and they weren’t by her side, they needn’t worry about her safety.

Right now, even if she went to the Upper Reaches, she was a strong exponent that no one would dare provoke easily. Moreover, with her combinations of alchemy and medical skills, she would dazzle no matter where she went.

“That’s great! You actually managed to advance to the peak level of the Immortal Sacred stage in half a year, Little Jiu, you truly are a prodigy!” Guan Xilin laughed excitedly.

Feng Jiu smiled, her frame of mind was peaceful. She looked at the three of them and said: “I have something to tell you today. I plan to take the Feng Guards out in a few days time.”

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