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Chapter 1650: Intention To Kill

“What is Old Geng trying to do? Does he not want to live anymore?”

A few others had exclaimed but daren’t follow him towards the Imperial Palace. Although they were also friendly with the Feng Family, they were not optimistic about the situation. They were afraid the sudden extending of help would cause trouble for their families.

I wasn’t that they were cold-blooded and heartless, but rather their strength was limited and they knew that they were not the opponents of those people, so of course they didn’t dare make any risky moves.

“Are we just going to stand by and watch?” Another Old Family Patriarch whispered, his expression conflicted.

“What else can we do? Those are obviously not people we can deal with.”

Another person said helplessly: “It’s one thing if we can help one another, however, those people are too strong and the strength of those cultivators are unusual. I’m afraid that even if we gather all our strength to help them, we would be unable to defeat them. After all, our strength is limited.”

“Look over there, that’s the Feng Guards from the Feng Mansion.” One of them pointed in another direction. The Feng Guards who had come out from the Feng Mansion were rushing towards the Imperial Palace.

“It’s useless. You can see from the Boundary Barrier that those people are extraordinary. The Feng Guards won’t be able to get inside. Even if they are able to get inside, they will only make useless sacrifices.” An Old Family Patriarch sighed and looked at the Imperial Palace that was trapped under the barrier. He knew deep down that the Feng Family were in grave danger.

Another Old Family Patriarch said: “However, other than Feng Jiu being away, Feng Xiao also seemed to have left a while ago. There’s only Feng Old Patriarch, his wife and their young son in the Palace right now.”

When everyone heard this, they fell silent. Yes, although there were only the three of them inside, they would most likely not survive. Besides that, the Feng Guards inside the Palace and the Feng Guards outside the Palace….

At the other side, Geng Old Patriarch had rushed towards the Palace Gates and tried to break through the barrier, but he was bounced off. Just as he was feeling desperate, he saw Feng Sanyuan besieged in midair by several cultivators. When he saw that he was only wearing his inner garment and his blood stains on his body, though he was anxious, he also calmed down at the same time.

Even if he had managed to get inside, he would be unable to save Old Feng. Those people’s target was the Feng Family, he was afraid that it didn’t bode well for Feng Old Patriarch and his wife. However, their child Feng Ye had to be saved at all costs!

But, how would he get inside? He didn’t know of any secret passages in the Palace. How could he go in to save Old Feng’s young son?

The sounds of yelling and the collision of swords could be heard. And yet, though the Imperial Palace was right in front of him, it was inaccessible due to the boundary barrier. He could only listen to the sounds of fighting and the screams. The sounds of the clanging of swords colliding made his heart tighten in anxiety.

Feng Guards! The Feng Guards from the Feng Mansion! They must know!

At the same time, when the Feng Guards had arrived at the Palace Gates and realised they were unable to get through the boundary barrier, they turned back quickly.

When the eight people in lead watched the fight within the boundary barrier, and listened to the screams, their hearts trembled.

Those people were after the Feng Family!

Looking at the situation, they wanted to wipe out the entire Feng Family!

Who the hell were they! Who would dare be so bold? The surrounding countries? Impossible! Those people were friendly with the Phoenix Dynasty and would never be this opportunistic. Could they be from the Eight Supreme Empires? Could their Master have made enemies outside?

No matter what, they couldn’t just stand and watch their Master’s relatives be slaughtered like this!

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