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Published at 28th of January 2021 03:00:15 PM

Chapter 1611: 1611
Chapter 1611: Hundreds Of Poison Won’t Have Any Effect Within Ten Years

“Elder Sister, I don’t think Master has eaten yet, why don’t you go and let the kitchen know!” Leng Hua said in a gentle voice and Gray Wolf stared at him dryly .

“Mmm . ” Leng Shuang responded and left .

Leng Hua smiled at Gray Wolf and asked: “What did you say earlier?”

“Hey, I didn’t say anything . But you kid, it looks like your body is much stronger! I’ve not practiced for a long time, do you want to go and practice together?” Gray Wolf patted Leng Hua’s shoulder and asked .

“Practice?” Leng Hua looked at him with a gentle, harmless smile on his face .

“That’s right, I can test out your skills at the same time and see if you’ve improved recently . ”

“Is that how you test my skills?” Leng Hua said . Suddenly, his figure shifted, his foot hooked round Gray Wolf’s legs and he clasped both his hands then threw him away from him .



As he fell heavily onto the ground with a loud bang, Gray Wolf snorted and lay on the ground and stared as he suppressed his anger: “You kid… why didn’t you warn me before you made a move, don’t you know this is a sneak attack?”

Shadow One looked at Leng Hua in surprise . His moves just then were very nimble and quick, the movement of his hands had matched the movement of his feet perfectly to slam Gray Wolf to the ground . The speed and power had really opened up his eyes .

“This isn’t a sneak attack, I did ask, I asked if this is what you meant . ” Leng Hua looked at Gray wolf with a gentle and harmless smile .

“Fine! It’s my own carelessness . ” Gray Wolf could only swallow his pride . He knew that this kid didn’t like him teasing his sister earlier, that’s why he made a move . He was his senior so he would let this matter go .

When the few people inside heard the commotion outside, they just smiled and ignored them . They continued to talk about their encounters along the way until finally, Feng Jiu took the medicine out .

“Mother, this is the antidote . Take it quickly! After you’ve taken the antidote, the residual poison in your body will seep out through your pores . Also, in the next ten years, no poison will have any effect on you . ”

“In other words, this isn’t just an antidote, it’s also a pill that will protect me from any poison in the next ten years?” Shangguan Wanrong was a little surprised: “What grade is this pill? How can it be so magical?”

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“This is a sixth-order high quality antidote pill . In addition to the two three hundred year old elixir medicines, I have also added more than a dozen elixir medicines that have detoxification effects . Moreover, although this is a sixth-order pill, it has been condensed into an elixir pill . Quick, take a look . ”

Feng Jiu poured the pill into her hand and passed it to her .

When Shangguan Wanrong looked at it, she couldn’t help but felt shocked, she asked: “Little Jiu, did you, did you refine this pill?”

“Yes, I refined the pill . ” She nodded .

“You can refine such quality pills? Your talent in alchemy is truly unbelievable . Even the Pill Sun Sect Sect Master cannot refine such a pill . ”

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It was inconceivable that she would be holding such a pill in her hand . She was also an alchemist so naturally she understood the rarity of such a pill . But her daughter actually managed to refine such a pill, she had such an incredible talent and she wasn’t even twenty years of age, it was just unimaginable!

Feng Jiu smiled when she heard this: “The Pill Sun Sect Sect Master definitely won’t be able to refine such a pill . ” Because he was already dead, wasn’t he?

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