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Chapter 1603: 1603
Chapter 1603: Who the heck are you

Xuanyuan Mo Ze held her hand . “Don’t worry about him, he is an old swindler, you can’t believe all of his words . ”

“But I always have this uneasy feeling that something that I can’t control will happen . ” She frowned . “You have no idea . He’s a bit of a mystery . I do not dare to simply dismiss his words . ”

“Don’t worry! Whatever comes, I will face it with you . And what will happen will happen, just as the old swindler said . It is a blessing, not a curse . Yet, it’s an inescapable curse . ”

“Mm . ” She agreed and snuggled in his arms .

The next morning, they set off at dawn . After the matters were done, they wanted to go home as soon as possible . There was still another thing . Xuanyuan Mo Ze planned that after Feng Jiu’s mother had purged the remaining poison in her body, he would get his people to send them back to the Phoenix Empire . After that, he would prepare to send betrothal gifts .

Since he had the idea of marrying her, he began to have his people collect treasures and prepare hundred chests of betrothal gifts . Once the time was ripe, he would take the betrothal gifts to the Phoenix Empire to marry her .

Now that this was happening, he was looking forward to it . Soon he would be able to marry her .

At another place, dressed in a black robe and holding a big sword, Guan Xilin walked into the city and walked through the street, looking for the shop Leng Shuang and others had opened according to what his sister said .

However, when he inquired about the place all the way, he saw that there were many guards in front of the shop and a faint sound of anger came out of it . He could conclude from the sound that it was not the voice he was familiar with .

So, he asked a man next to him . “What’s going on in this place?”

When the man caught unawares by the pat on his shoulder, he was about to turn back and scold . When he saw the tall and sturdy man with a killing intent emanating all over his body, he could not help but flinch and replied hurriedly . “A person from a family in the neighbouring city said that he had bought fake medicine here and complained . ”

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“Fake medicine?” Guan Xilin’s voice raised up . He sneered . When he was about to walk in . Even before taking the first step, a fat man in his thirties was thrown out .

“Go away! If you dare to cause trouble again, I’ll get you into some serious trouble!” Du Fan strolled out with a fan in his hand and his eyes squinted . He stared at the fat man he threw out with a threatening expression .

“How dare you! How dare you hit me? Fine! Somebody! Smash up his shop for me!” The fat man got up, holding his belt, pointing to the shop and shouting at the guards .


A strong and powerful voice suddenly came out, shaking the ground and frightening people to retreat a few steps .

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“I’ll see who dares!”

The low and fierce voice came out with bloodthirsty killing intent . The black-robed Guan Xilin’s fierce gaze swept over the guards . Where his eyes passed, the guards bowed their heads and did not dare to look directly at the bloodthirsty and fierce eyes .

When Du fan saw Guan Xilin, his eyes lit up . Because there were so many people, he didn’t come forward to say hello, but just nodded to him .

“Who the heck are you? How dare meddle in my business?” As soon as the fat man turned around, he yelled at Guan Xilin . However, when he saw Guan Xilin step forward with a huge sword in his hand, the man immediately stumbled as his legs went soft .

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