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Chapter 1583: Chapter 1583 - : Parting
Chapter 1583: Parting

As there were a few more people whom Duan Yingying was unfamiliar with, she was a little restrained when she sat down and didn’t even dare raise her head . Feng Jiu who was sitting beside her told her not to be nervous and chatted with her at the same time . Gradually, the atmosphere relaxed .

Gray Wolf and Shadow One also sat down at the instruction of Feng Jiu . However, they only dared to sit at the end of the table and didn’t dare to sit too close to their Master . Though the two tables were pushed together, they were sat at the table at the bottom .

Everyone chatted while they drank wine, the meal was relaxed and enjoyable . On the outside, the City Lord who didn’t know how lively it was inside was wondering how serious Feng Jiu’s injuries were . Would she be unable to greet her guests properly?

However, because they had sent word that they were not to be disturbed, so he hadn’t sent anyone in .

After the meal, Gray Wolf went outside and instructed the servants to come inside to clear the table . The others took a walk in the garden together, even Duan Yingying was following them quietly .

“Little Jiu, since he is here then let him accompany you to Sky Mountain . I will be leaving first tomorrow, I have some things I need to deal with . ” Guan Xilin told Feng Jiu his plan .

“Aren’t you going to Sky Mountain with us?” She was a little dumbfounded . They had agreed to go together . Why was he leaving now that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was here? He didn’t mention this before!

He nodded and said: “Well, I’m not going anymore . I plan on going to deal with my affairs first, and then I will go to Leng Shuang’s to see my foster mother . ”

“Alright then! You have to look after yourself on the outside . ”

“Don’t worry about me . After all, I am a man who has experienced many things so general danger means nothing to me . ” Guan Xilin laughed loudly and looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and said: “I’m leaving my younger sister in your care . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him and nodded .

“Let’s set off tomorrow as well then!” Feng Jiu said to Xuanyuan Mo Ze . She stopped just as she reached the garden in the courtyard, she looked at the elixir plant and said: “This is the one . I’m going to pick it first . Tomorrow morning we will leave at dawn so we won’t disturb anyone . ”

As she walked into the garden, she shouted to Duan Yingying behind: “Yingying, lend me your little shovel . ”

When she heard Feng Jiu, Duan Yingying retrieved her shovel from space and handed it to Feng Jiu, then stood back and watched . She knew that she had come here for this elixir plant, it was her reward for curing her grandfather .

When she saw that she had dug up the plant and transplanted it with the soil into space, she was a little surprised: “Won’t the plant die?” In general, space was only used for storing dead things, spirit herbs were no exception . Even if she moved the soil into space, she was afraid that the plant still wouldn’t survive .

“No . ” Feng Jiu smiled and handed the shovel back to her . She said: “We will be leaving tomorrow . We won’t bid your father goodbye, and if he asks, tell him that I dug up the spirit herb!”

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“Alright . ” Duan Yingying nodded, though she couldn’t bear the parting in her heart: “Will you come back again in the future?”

Feng Jiu smiled and shook her head: “I don’t think so . The place I need to go to isn’t around here . Didn’t I give you two books? Remember to practice hard, once you have the ability, it will be advantageous for you . ”

“I understand . Thank you very much Feng Jiu . ” She held her hand as she spoke, knowing that from tomorrow onwards, she would never see her again .

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