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Chapter 1560: 1560

At noon, Duan Family Head came to the courtyard to invite Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin to have lunch with him . However, he was surprised when not only did he not see Feng Jiu in the courtyard, but only saw Guan Xilin in the pavilion . He was slightly surprised and asked: “Brother Guan, what are you doing?”

Guan Xilin opened his eyes and when he saw who had arrived, he stood up and replied: “Oh City Lord Duan, it’s you . Why are you here? Is something wrong?”

“I just came over to invite both of you to have a meal with me . ””Lunch? No need, my younger brother is busy now and has instructed to not be disturbed . Besides, this courtyard is pretty nice, everything is fine here . ”

Upon hearing this, City Lord Duan’s eyes flickered: “I see! Alright! I won’t disturb you both then . ” He nodded and turned to leave . However, after only taking two steps, he stopped and turned around with a smile and said: “If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know . Many thanks to the both of you for looking after my daughter here as well . ”

“Rest assured, City Lord . ” He nodded . After he watched him leave, he sat back down and closed his eyes to cultivate .

At this time, in Feng Jiu’s room, she was concentrating on preparing medicines . The bottles and jars on the tabletop were filled with medicinal essences for various purposes and the whole room reeked of strong medicine .

As there were only three of them in the courtyard, after Feng Jiu had instructed that she wasn’t to be disturbed and went into her room to concoct medicines, Guan Xilin decided to close his eyes and cultivated, while Duan Yingying who was bored, realised that it was nearly lunch time . She realised that they would soon be hungry, hence, she went to prepare some food .

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She didn’t send the food into Feng Jiu’s room as she had instructed that she was not to be disturbed . As she was very afraid of Guan Xilin, even more so without Feng Jiu around, she didn’t dare to bring his food over to him .

Because of this, after she had finished preparing the food, she stood in the kitchen idle and in a daze, unsure of what she could do . After she hesitated for a long time, she put aside a portion of food for Feng Jiu, then she placed the remainder of the food on the table outside the kitchen and went to look for Guan Xilin .

Guan Xilin who had his eyes closed while he practised heard footsteps approaching so he opened his eyes . He saw the timid and hesitant girl holding a piece of paper in her hand towards him .

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He was taken aback and took a look at what was written on the piece of paper: “Brother Guan, it’s time for lunch . ” After he had read what was written on the piece of paper, he was surprised . This girl was quite courageous after all . Without Little Jiu around, he thought that she would have avoided him and stayed far away .

So, he grinned and stood up: “Alright, let’s go and have lunch!” He gestured and watched her swallow and take a few steps backwards . He smiled and strode over to the kitchen ahead of her .

Duan Yingying was terrified inside because the man looked so strong and scary, and he gave one a feeling that he was like a bear . Just terrifying .

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Because she didn’t know how to be alone with him, she walked over to Feng Jiu’s room to see if she had come out . The first time she saw Feng Jiu she knew immediately that she was a girl because her body gave off a faint breath of a woman .

When she saw that Feng Jiu hadn’t come out of her room, she paused before she walked back to the kitchen . However when she got to the kitchen, she was dumbfounded by the scene in front of her so she stood at one side and watched .

Guan Xilin had polished off all the food on the table because he had only seen one pair of chopsticks, so naturally he thought that this was a meal for one person . In addition, because of the profound energy from his cultivation, he ate a lot more than usual . Hence, he didn’t think twice about eating all the food either .

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