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Published at 13th of December 2020 06:09:17 AM

Chapter 1538: Chapter 1538 - Covert Operation

Hearing this, Duan Mubai’s eyes moved . Feng Jiu had actually cured Chen Dao’s legs? He was aware that the physicians and alchemists in the sect had come to examine Chen Dao’s legs . All of them said that he wouldn’t be able to stand for the rest of his life . Unexpectedly…“In that case, ask Chen Dao to come over . I’ll talk to him . ”

“Yes, I’ll call him right away . ” He answered . After saluting Duan Mubai, he went out quickly . He hadn’t been home for a long time . Maybe he could take advantage of this opportunity to go home to see his family .

Shortly after that, Luo Heng took Chen Dao to Duan Mubai’s cave dwelling . After bowing to him, Chen Dao asked, “Martial Uncle Duan wants me and Junior Brother Luo to go down the mountain to look for Feng Jiu?”

“Yes . ” He nodded . With a glance at those two, he explained, “I know you two have a friendly relationship with Feng Jiu . So, I’ll have you do this thing for me . ”

Chen Dao’s eyes flashed . He looked at Duan Mubai and asked, “Feng Jiu was the one who killed the Third Sun Peak Master . Doesn’t Martial Uncle Duan hate her? Wouldn’t you be happy if she’s dead, to avenge Third Sun Peak Master?”

Duan Mubai took a profound glance at him . “The elder protecting the sect has already made this clear . No further investigation will be carried out . Naturally, I will not violate his order . Moreover, she shouldn’t have killed my Master for no reason . The reason is no longer something we can delve into . ”

“However, if she met some danger outside and died, it is very likely that Hell’s Lord will think that it is the work of our sect . So, I”m doing this for the sake of our sect and our Third Sun Peak . ”

Luo Heng and Chen Dao looked at each other . The reason seemed somewhat forced . If it were someone else who worshipped Master Third Sun as his master, having his master killed, would he be as calm and collected? Would he deal and confront this matter in the same way?

There was something strange about it, but they couldn’t tell what was strange about it .

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The two stayed at the cave dwelling for about the time it took a column of incense to burn . After listening to Duan Mubai’s instruction, they left the cave with a waist token .

Leaving the cave, Luo Heng couldn’t conceal his excitement . “Senior Brother Chen, when are we leaving?”

Chen Dao thought for a while . “Tomorrow! Let’s deal with the important thing at the moment . ”

“Alright . See you at the main gate tomorrow . I’ll go home and get ready . ”

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Luo Heng took the lead to leave . As he was about to go back, he planned to exchange better medicinal pills as gifts for his parents . He could refine the ordinary pills himself . Even though not very good, those were still medicinal pills .

At the same time, in the sect master’s domicile at the main peak, the currently recuperating sect master was sitting on the bed . His eyes were full of vicious and scathing killing intent . His originally dignified face was full of unwillingness and resentment .

“Have you done what you were told to do?” As his gloomy voice came out, he raised his gaze at the black figure standing in the dark .

“Subordinate has done what Master has ordered . Please rest assured that good news will be sent back soon . ”

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“Very good!”

He clenched his hands into fists . Blue veins appeared and his joints made snapping sounds . His sullen gaze stared fixedly at the ground with hatred . He gritted his teeth as if recalling the humiliating scene that night . “I will not let her go easily! Feng Jiu! I want her to die!”

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