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Chapter 1512: 1512

With the strength drawn from the Qingfeng sword, the Nascent Soul cultivator was thrown down by the airflow and fell down into the blazing mountain peak below . He was soon swallowed up by the flame .

Feng Jiu only spared him a glance then turned to meet the two Celestial Strong Exponents . The Pill Sun Sect’s members were skilled at refining pills but weak in their fighting strength . However, they never lack strong exponents to protect them . No matter how strong the cultivators were, they also had needs . Pills were good to upgrade their strength . Each of them just took what they needed .


The sparks burst as the swords met . The two Celestial Strong Exponents attacked Feng Jiu from both sides, while Feng Jiu, who took the medicinal pill to enhance her strength felt a ball of fire surging inside her body . The powerful spirit energy airflow kept streaming out and a valiant fighting strength took shape .

At this point, the two Celestial Strong Exponents still couldn’t get the upper hand . They were shocked . Who was this woman with such fighting strength? They had never met a woman less than twenty years old with such combat effectiveness . She was not a descendant of a hidden clan or a royal family, was she?

As they thought of this, the two hesitated slightly . They were at a disadvantage during the battle and their bodies were cut by the Qingfeng’s sword intent . What’s more, in the breath saturating the woman’s body, there was a distinct breath of the ancient divine beast . The more they fought, the more frightened they were . The more they battled, the more they dared not be careless .

Finally, after being attacked by the sword intent, they took one look at each other and withdrew at the same time .

They didn’t want to be enemies with this person!

Since they couldn’t kill her, then they should get out of the way . Otherwise, it would only create a difficult opponent for them . If they weren’t careful, they would die at her hands like the two Nascent Soul cultivators earlier .

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However, if they retreated at this time, it’s very likely that they wouldn’t be able to stay in the Pill Sun Sect any longer .

When the sect master saw the two Celestial Strong Exponents retreated warily, he couldn’t help but frown . He told several people behind him, “Go help them . You must take the woman down! If you can’t catch her alive, kill her! We absolutely won’t forgive those who offend the Pill Sun Sect!”

Several of them were hesitant since they could see that the woman’s fighting strength was extraordinary . If they went up, perhaps they also wouldn’t…

Perhaps seeing their hesitation, the sect master promised . “As long as you capture her, whether dead or alive, I will bestow each of you the best elixir!”

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Their eyes lit up at this promise . They were lured by such an immense benefit . The best elixir! it’s a pill promised by the sect master himself . It’s not something they could obtain outside!

Even if they were aware of the possibility of being dead or injured, they were still tempted by this great benefit . Immediately, they responded with unconcealed excitement .


As soon as their voices rang out, several of them swept out towards Feng Jiu . The two Celestial Strong Exponents who had retreated away heard the sect master’s promise . Even though they were tempted, they didn’t move forward and continued to withdraw .

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They had dealt blows with the woman . Even though she was at the Nascent Soul level, her strength increased several times after taking the medicinal pill . Moreover, they were uncertain about dealing with a cultivator with the growing fighting strength like her .

They were not the impulsive kind of people . If they weren’t one hundred percent sure, they would never make fun of their own lives .

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