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Chapter 1499: Chapter 1499 - On Fire?
Chapter 1499 On Fire?

When he heard their words, only then did the fuming Master Third Sun realise that he had been so angered by their interruption that he had stormed out without putting down the whip . Under their suspicious and inquiring eyes, his heart stopped for a moment .

He said calmly: “Haven’t I already told you that I am refining pills? I was just about to take the blood of a spirit beast to add to my mixture when I was interrupted by you . ”

“We can understand taking blood from a spirit beast . But why do you need a whip for that?” One of them asked suspiciously .

They too had used spirit blood as an ingredient in the past as some pills do indeed require spirit blood . However, isn’t a knife used instead? Why was he using a whip? And a one that had been soaked in medicine liquid as well? What kind of pill was he refining? Why were the ingredients he used so strange?

When he heard this, Master Third Sun’s eyes sank and he replied with a stern face: “Every alchemist has their own techniques and I have my own . Naturally my technique would be different from yours . What’s so strange about that? It’s getting late, you should all get going! If you continue to disturb my alchemy session, I will definitely report it to the Sect Master! At that point, don’t blame me for disregarding our Sect family relationship!”

Upon hearing this, they hesitated a little . After all that had been said, it seemed that they didn’t have any more reason to dig deeper . Although they had already come all this way and yet they couldn’t enter, nor were they able to find out more information, it left them feeling somewhat unresigned .

They looked at the cave dwelling, it was right there, were they really going to leave just like that? If they could go inside to see what kind of elixir herbs he was preparing, maybe they would be able to figure out what kind of pill he was refining .

As they thought about it, they suddenly heard panic and chaotic sounds . It didn’t come from just one place but from the entire Sect . It was as if something big had happened that threw the entire Sect into chaos .

They looked back abruptly only to see smoke and fire in the sky that accompanied the exclamations spreading out into the air…

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“Oh no, oh no, it’s on fire, it’s on fire, hurry, put out the fire! Put out the fire… . ”

“Come quickly! Put out the fire, put out the fire…”

The expressions of the few men changed: “What’s happened? Did I hear that something is on fire?”

At this moment, several disciples ran over in a hurry, their faces full of panic: “Oh no, all the peaks are on fire! The fire has spread from the back mountain and has now reached several mountain tops . Several places within the Sect are on fire . Master, come back to take a look!”

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Upon hearing this, the expressions of the Peak Masters changed drastically and they asked immediately: “How did it catch fire? Where did the fire start?”

“The fire seems to have originated from the kitchen and had spread out of control . Some of the spirit beasts in the kitchen caught on fire and ran out causing the fire to spread throughout the Sect . All the disciples within the Sect are now helping to put out the fire . Peak Master, the place where our peak is on fire is the Spirit Herb Storeroom, we have to get back now!”

Everyone was shocked, their eyes showed disbelief and shock, and they didn’t dare to stay a moment longer, nor did they have any more interest in trying to find out what pill Master Third Sun was trying to refine . They had to leave immediately to get back to the Peak and help put out the fire .

Ruan Changchun felt surprised deep down . Fire? How could their Sect catch fire? This was something that had never happened in years . When one place caught fire, the entire Sect caught fire too? That wasn’t normal .

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He felt that something was odd about the whole matter and though he felt uneasy about it, he didn’t dare to say anything . At this moment, he heard his Master’s voice .

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