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Chapter 1468: 1468

“No, they aren’t harmful to you at the moment because they are locked in this red line in your arm right now . However, if the medicines spread then that’s different . ” Feng Jiu frowned and thought for a while, then said: “It’s a little difficult at the moment . Even if I disguised myself as you and can pass off as you by learning your mannerisms, it’s no use if he can see through my disguise . Moreover, there is a medicine among these called Seven Mile Purple Gold Incense that prevents you from escaping from here . ”

She walked around the cave slowly as she thought of a way . She sighed and said: “The other medicines aren’t a problem . I can drain the blood from your arm and it will remove the effects of those medicines . However, the Seven Mile Purple Gold Incense is a latent drug and if your distance from Third Sun Peak is too far, it will turn into poison . The only medicine that will cure the poison from the Seven Mile Purple Gold Incense is its companion herb, the Three Leaf Purple Gold Clover . ”

“Then why didn’t the Seven Mile Purple Gold Incense turn into poison when I entered the Secret Realm?” Shangguan Wanrong asked in surprise .

“That must be because you had the Three Leaf Purple Gold Clover within your body . ”

Shangguan Wanrong shook her head: “But I don’t have anything like that in my body . If there is, I would know . ”

“The Seven Mile Purple Gold Incense is not scented, so even if it’s in your body, you wouldn’t notice it . It has a reaction to its companion herb . If the Seven Mile Purple Gold Incense is away from the Three Leaf Purple Gold Clover, it will become poison . If the companion clover leaves the incense, it will wither within seven days . Moreover, this is the only antidote . ”

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Wanrong said: “In that case, I will act like I don’t know anything and stay here to continue to practice my cultivation . I will leave once I’ve found the companion herb . ”

“It’s just your current situation… . ” Feng Jiu was a little worried .

“It’s fine, nothing will happen . ” She smiled and said: “As for you, you have to look after yourself . I won’t be coming to visit you again so as to not arouse suspicion . ”

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“Mmm, I will come to visit you in secret . ” Feng Jiu adjusted her state of mind and smiled at her mother: “Don’t worry mother, you are not alone . ”

“Yes, I know . ” Her eyes reddened and she reached out to hug her tightly in her arms .

The pair of mother and daughter continued speaking in the cave dwelling for some time and it was nearly noon when Shangguan Wanrong got up to return to her cave dwelling to practice . Although three months was a short deadline, however, with the help of pills, it was not impossible to advance to the Nascent Soul stage .

Over the next few days, other than taking care of her mother’s situation, she had to visit Chen Dao occasionally . Three days later, after the stitches were removed and the ointment was applied, Chen Dao was still unconscious .

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This was because Feng Jiu felt that Chen Dao being unconscious was more beneficial to his recovery as he wouldn’t get too emotional . She decided that she would let him regain consciousness when his injury was nearly healed . By that time, he would be able to see the results and he wouldn’t be agitated and accidentally open up his wound .

On this day, Feng Jiu once again came to Chen Dao’s cave dwelling . However, as she was approaching, she heard Luo Heng’s voice coming from inside the cave dwelling .

“Feng Jiu, Feng Jiu, you’re here? Come in, I have something to tell you . ”

She stepped forwards and asked: “What’s the matter?”

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“The Great Elder came this morning and said that his clansmen will be here soon to bring Senior Brother Chen back . What should we do about that? Senior Brother Chen’s injuries haven’t completely healed, has it? If we allow them to move him, his wound might split open . ”

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