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Chapter 1430: 1430
Chapter 1430 Effortless

It was beyond comprehension why he was startled when Feng Jiu suddenly opened her eyes . His heart was pounding violently . If he had not held back from screaming, he would have really lost his composure in front of others .


He coughed, holding his fist in front of his mouth while pondering inwardly . If he were screaming, it would be a blow to his image .

However, the sharp and cold light in the boy’s eyes when he opened his eyes was surprising . His vigilance was very strong . It was not like that of a Foundation Building cultivator .

“No need, I just took a short nap . I got clothes, too . ” She smiled with her eyes narrowed to a crescent and looked at everyone . “Are we going to rest here tonight?”

“Mm, let’s rest for a while!” He answered and walked over to sit next to Feng Jiu . But, when he just sat down, Feng Jiu jumped up .

“What’s wrong?” Chen Dao was startled, looking at the abruptly standing Feng Jiu .

“Senior Brother Chen, look, the Specter Grass!” She pointed to the reappearing pair of Specter Grasses . Her eyes were shining .

Chen Dao took a glance, and sure enough, the Specter Grass appeared again . But, he was not interested . “This thing is too difficult to catch . Since you can’t pick it, let’s leave some strength to rest!”

Several other alchemists noticed the grass, too . They recalled their losses because of the Specter Grass . Even though their hearts were stirred, they made no movement . They knew their own strength . If they couldn’t pick these two Specter Grasses and this matter was not handled well, they would repeat the same mistake . Forget it!

“Don’t you want it either, Senior Brothers?” Feng Jiu asked several of them with a smile .

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Hearing this, Chen Dao glanced at him and smiled . “Kid, from what you said, do you perhaps want to pick them? If you have the skill to get them, I can help you to refine any medicinal pills you need, as long as all the herbs are gathered . ”


Those alchemists sneered and glanced at Feng Jiu contemptuously, “Can you catch the Specter Grass grass that we were unable to pick? You overestimate yourself . ”

“Hey hey, since everybody doesn’t want them, I’ll go and grab them!” She ignored their contempt and walked with a grin toward the two Specter Grasses not far away .

At the resting place, everyone seeing this scene was not feeling sleepy . Each one of them watched the figure in blue attentively, wanting to see the boy made a fool of himself . Surprisingly, she groped inside her cosmos sack and found a fishing net .

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The crowd stared blankly with a strange expression on their faces . They saw the boy step forward softly while focusing his gaze at the two Specter Grasses a distance away . Then, he started his move and the net spread over one of the grass .


Someone stood up with an exclamation . He stared at the front with eyes open wide, looking very excited . “He caught it!”

Yes, the boy caught the Specter Grass .

Feng Jiu looked at the Specter Grass inside the net and laughed loudly . She was familiar with the growth properties of the Specter Grass, so she took a thin thread, tied it to one she had caught and released it .

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The other plant moved up and kept a short distance away . At the next moment, Feng Jiu spread the net and caught the other one effortlessly . She put the two Specter Grasses directly into the space .

The Specter Grass was split into male and female . If the male plant was caught, the female would linger . If the female plant was caught, the male would escape quickly . Therefore, as long as she caught the male plant first, she could naturally catch both of them .

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