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Chapter 1403: 1403

The next morning, because Senior Brother Guo had a hangover, Feng Jiu started her chores first . As soon as she entered the courtyard, the fat steward smiled at her and greeted: “I knew you would be the first one to arrive kid, come here, come here . ”“Good morning Steward . ” She stepped forward obediently and bowed respectfully, her eyes crinkled up as she smiled at the fat manger: “That’s fine . You went to the Eighth Peak yesterday, come . These are herbs that the Martial Uncle Duan from the Eighth Peak needs . Once you’ve picked the herbs, send it over quickly . ” He handed over a piece of paper to Feng Jiu with the names of the herbs written on it .

When Feng Jiu heard this, she replied happily: “Sure thing!” She was able to go to the Eighth Peak early in the morning, perhaps she would meet her mother again .

As she was thinking about this, she watched the fat steward as he turned around to work on other things . Her eyes flashed slightly and she stepped forward: “Steward, let me deliver the herbs to the Eighth Peak in the future! I can take over someone else’s work, that way, the other Senior Brothers won’t be so busy . ”

When he heard this, the fat steward paused and then looked back at him . He nodded: “Alright kid, although you’ve not been here for long and you’ve not made any mistakes so far, and we can’t afford to make any mistakes with the herbs the Martial Uncles at the Eighth Peak use . Alright! You will be responsible for the medicinal herbs for the Eighth Peak from now on . ”

“Thank you Steward . ” Feng Jiu expressed her thanks in joy .

The fat steward smiled but didn’t take it to heart . Sometimes the journey from the Third Peak to the Eighth Peak had to be made a few times . The other errand boys usually complained about getting tired from going up and down so many times . However, this kid seemed quite happy doing it .

After the Steward left, Feng Jiu hummed a song as she picked the medicinal herbs . After she had placed the medicinal herbs in the basket, she checked it once over to make sure there was no mistake before she headed to the Eighth Peak .

She made her way with much familiarity to the Eighth Peak and she called out once she was outside . However, when she saw Senior Brother Hu walk out with a sullen face, her eyes moved slightly and the corners of her lips twitched .

“Good Morning Senior Brother Hu . Senior Brother Hu is really dedicated to come over here so early in the morning to work . ” She said with a smile in a crisp voice .

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Upon hearing the voice, the man named Hu turned . When he saw that it was Feng Jiu, he couldn’t help but frowned: “Why are you delivering the herbs again? Where are the others?” It was this lad yesterday and it’s this lad again today .

Feng Jiu looked at him without replying but exclaimed instead: “Ah Senior Brother Hu, what happened to your eye and lips?”

She saw that his left eye and lips were red and swollen like a blister had grown . His whole face had become extremely ugly from the swelling of his eye and lips . Had his expression not been sullen and composed, it would have been hilarious .

Upon hearing this, Senior Brother Hu’s expression froze and he seemed to want to hide from Feng Jiu’s curious and surprised gaze . He said in a deep voice: “It’s nothing, just some heatiness . ”

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What heatiness? Wouldn’t she recognise her own handiwork? It was obviously a heat toxin attack and he would be swollen for at least ten days and he would be in agony with pain .

Who asked him to let his eyes roam about all over the place? Of course she had to teach him a lesson to put him in his place .

Although this was what she was thinking of inside, she said to him with a look of admiration on her face: “Senior Brother Hu must have been so busy that he neglected to look after himself . A disciple like Senior Brother Hu is a really good role model for my generation . ”

Upon hearing this, Senior Brother Hu glanced at Feng Jiu and the tension in his face eased: “Alright, just give me the medicinal herbs!” Saying that, he took out a bottle .

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“This is your reward . ”

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