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Published at 2nd of September 2020 04:05:09 PM
Chapter 1361: 1361
Chapter 1361 Concealed weapons

“Zhu Yue? What are you doing there? Come here, eat! This stall also has lots of delicious food . ” Feng Jiu came out behind the stall and sat down at a small table . She smiled at the middle-aged woman . “Aunt, give me one each . ”

The middle-aged woman saw the little beggar washed his face and changed his clothes, looking like a different person . She froze for a moment and then smiled . “Alright, drink a cup of tea first . ” Then she got busy, putting each food item from the stall on the table .

When Zhu Yue was about to walk in, he suddenly turned to the manager . “You promised to send me a suckling pig . Just bring it to the stall over there . ” With this, he walked quickly toward that small stall .

The manager had no choice . He could only order his staff to roast a suckling pig . However, when he just turned around, he heard a heavy bang from behind as well as a muffled groan and quickly looked back .

He saw the young master in a brocade suit thrown down on the ground . Since he fell down on the stairs, his forehead directly struck the ground and his blood flowed out, staining the restaurant’s front red .

“Zhu Yue!”

Feng Jiu didn’t expect that when she took a sip of tea, Zhu Yue fell down and bled . Immediately, she walked toward him, thinking about helping him up, who knew … .

“Get out of the way . ” Feng Jiu frowned, looking at the four guards in front blocking her way .

“Zhu Yue, what a coincidence!”

A man in brocade clothes stepped forward and looked at Zhu Yue, whose head was injured and bleeding . He was very proud and arrogant . “Why are you so careless? If you walk properly, will you fall down? ”

Zhu Yue sat up from the ground, covering his bleeding forehead with one hand . He felt the earth spinning before his eyes, so that he, who was already a little weak, could not recover for a moment . The voice overhead seemed familiar .

“Li Yao? It’s you!”

Looking up, seeing the man who stood before him was his arch enemy from childhood, his face turned unsightly . “I haven’t seen you for so long, you’re still such a nasty person . ”

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He didn’t slip and fall . It was obvious that he was walking toward a stall when a stream of air struck him off balance, causing him to fall forward . Otherwise, no matter how weak his body was, he would not fall down .

He stood up from the ground, but at that moment, Li Yao lifted his foot and kicked him back to the ground .


With a muffled groan, Zhu Yue slumped back on the ground and glared at the man standing before him and his guards . “What do you want?”

“Nothing . Don’t you always bring guards when you go out? This time, there is only a little beggar with a bird’s nest head around you? Tch, Zhu Yue, it’s not easy to get you planted in my hands . Say, why don’t you crawl under my crotch? Or should I beat you up?”

Feng Jiu glanced at the four guards blocking her at her front . As she listened to the man in brocade clothes, her finger made a slight movement and a needle shot out .

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All of a sudden, Li Yao let a blood-curdling shriek . Without warning, he fell to the ground twitching and rolling, foaming at the mouth, looking half-dead . It scared everyone around them .

“Is this epilepsy?”

“It seems so . ”

People around them were discussing in a low voice . When those guards saw it, they didn’t care to put Zhu Yue in trouble and carried Li Yao quickly to the medical hall .

Zhu Yue sat on the ground blinking in a daze, hadn’t yet recovered from his shock .

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