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Published at 28th of August 2020 04:25:09 PM
Chapter 1349: 1349
Chapter 1349 Blood Web Boundary


Feng Jiu only felt a cold wind passing by . That wind was so strong and the wind blade so fierce that she rolled back with a scream . She took advantage of that and turned over, stabilising her body . She stood firmly and looked at the figure that was blocking her path three metres in front of her .

The black robe was blowing in the night breeze and made a whirring sound . The old woman was hunched over and held a white crutch in her hand . On the top of the white crutch was a human baby skull .

The whole aura of her had changed, she had become cold and bloodthirsty, her dry-well like eyes were an eerie blood red as she stared at Feng Jiu: “Little girl, it is very dangerous out here, come back with me quickly!”

However, after taking one look at her, Feng Jiu backed away quickly, turned and swept away to the other side .

“Don’t run, you won’t be able to escape… . ”

The faint voice spread hoarsely in the wind and eerie laughter echoed in the night . As the old woman looked at the figure escaping into the night, her voice carried a hint of excitement .

“The Mystical Body! What a rare sight! I really want it, I really want it… . ”

At the same time her voice drifted out, she lifted the human skull crutch in her hands and the ground shook . In an instant, two streams of blood poured out of the hollow holes of the skull, where the eyes used to be, and flowed down the human skull until the blood penetrated into the ground .

The pitch-black earth changed at that moment, as if something had been lit . Rays of red blood illuminated from the ground and intertwined to form a large net that spread to the direction Feng Jiu ran to .

When Feng Jiu heard the words behind her, her heart shook with fear .

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The old woman knew that she possessed the Spirit Mystical Body? How could she tell? Did she target her because of that? No matter what, she had to get out of here .

However, as she was fleeing, she saw a huge net of blood spreading from the ground . The blood was pierced with red light and intertwined to form a large net .

Her eyes narrowed, she was shocked: “Is this fresh blood?”

There was so much fresh blood hidden under the ground of such a place? She had been in here for quite a while and she didn’t detect the slightest scent of blood, could it be… .


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The fresh blood was solidified under the barrier seal of the enchantment . Once the barrier seal was unlocked and the barrier broken, the fresh blood underground was no longer able to be suppressed and rose up again, guided .

However, why did the fresh blood intertwine to form such an eerie large bloody net? She looked back and saw the old woman staring at her with a cunning laugh . That sound was sharp and ear-piercing, it went from soft to loud and spread through the night with spiritual energy… .

“Little girl, you can’t escape, don’t waste your strength . Come back obediently!”

The old woman stared at Feng Jiu, desire and excitement in her dry-well like eyes . A puff of red blood lifted her up where she was standing and led her to chase after Feng Jiu who had fled ahead .

At that moment, the blood net woven from the blood in the ground stretched in front of her and came back, as if it was getting put away, trying to capture her in the middle of it .

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When she saw the blood net surging from the cohesion, a flame condensed in Feng Jiu’s palm . She raised her palm and a blast of flame rushed out with the breath of spiritual power, towards the blood . In an instant, the blood made a belching sound and the blood net was broken . She rushed past… .

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