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Chapter 1325: 1325
Chapter 1325 Two More Days

after a long time, he waved his hand: “it’s over, we don’t have to worry about him, he can take care of his own affairs . ” saying that, he stood up, flicked his sleeves and walked out .

as soon as the news of the crown prince severing han rong’s arm and banishing him spread, all the forces in the imperial city were wondering who the woman was . therefore, they enquired in secret .

however, the people in the crown prince’s mansion were tight-lipped and they were unable to obtain any news at all . they couldn’t even find out what the woman looked like . so, they had to start from the streets . but all they could find out was that the woman was dressed in red and her face was covered with a veil, so they didn’t know what she looked like .

the crown prince xuanyuan mo ze didn’t have any women by his side at any time . now a woman had suddenly appeared and he had even banished an important person by his side because of her . it was conceivable that this woman had a very strong place in his heart .

however, although they were very curious, no matter how much they enquired, they were unable to find out any more news about that woman… . .

a few days later, in the mansion… . .

feng jiu was resting on the couch with her eyes half closed in the courtyard while xuanyuan mo ze was sitting at the stone table next to her dealing with his affairs .

after winter was sent away, the three maids that remained no longer had any thoughts towards xuanyuan mo ze after witnessing the scene a few days ago . in fact, they even avoided him a little, afraid that if they got too close or something it would make feng jiu angry and deal with them .

on the evening that han rong was banished, the three of them had knelt in front of feng jiu and confessed to everything han rong had ordered them to do, not daring to conceal anything .

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feng jiu knew about that a long time ago . however, seeing that the three of them now understood their place, she didn’t pay much attention to them . she allowed them to stay by her side to do menial chores . when she leaves, she would send them to the outer courtyards to work .

she lay on the couch with her eyes half closed and waved her hands to dismiss the people who were massaging her legs then looked up at the sky and then at xuanyuan mo ze who was busy dealing with his affairs . after a slight pause, she said: “ze, i am going to leave . ”

as soon as those words were spoken, xuanyuan mo ze who was busy stopped and looked at her: “you’re leaving? so fast? didn’t you say you’d stay for a few months?”

feng jiu rolled her eyes: “i’ve already stayed for over two months, including the time taken to journey back and forth, isn’t that a few months?”

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“can’t you stay longer?” he asked, his eyebrows slightly twisted as he looked at her . he said: “actually, you can let me take care of your affairs . ” that way, she wouldn’t need to leave and she could stay by his side .

of course he knew that she didn’t want to rely on him . he knew that she wanted to make herself stronger . therefore, even though he couldn’t bear to let her go, he had to let her deal with her affairs by herself and let her practice .

“i’ll stay for two more days! i will leave after two days . ” she sat up and said: “i’m already here, can’t you let me go? besides, i will come and visit you every chance i get . ”

“you can tell me where you are going, then i can go to visit you as well . ”

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who knew, she smiled slyly and said: “i’m not telling you . ”

he sighed helplessly and said: “fine! even if you don’t tell me i will find out in the future . since you are leaving after two days, then i won’t do anything else and spend more time with you!”

“you better deal with your affairs! you don’t want to delay any important matters . ”

his lips curled upwards slightly and he smiled: “it’s okay, work is endless anyway, i will take a break! where do you want to go these couple of days? tell me and i will accompany you . ”

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