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Chapter 1275

“It’s okay, it’s just a game of hunting . ” He said as his deep eyes stared in the direction the two people had left .

In the evening, after dinner, the two of them were sitting opposite each other . Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at Feng Jiu who was sitting opposite him, he scrutinised her manservant’s outfit and asked with a smile: “Didn’t you say that you will be staying here for a few months? Do you intend to wear that the whole time you’re accompanying me? And you’re not going to wash off the disguise on your face either?”

Feng Jiu supported her chin with both her hands and looked at him with a smile: “Then what do you want me to wear? Women’s clothing? She was surprised when she saw the looming expectation in his eyes, and she said with a smile “You really want me to wear women’s clothing?”

Being stared at and made fun of, Xuanyuan Moze’s ears turned slightly red and the expression on his face was slightly uncomfortable . He widened his eyes slightly and coughed a little: “You look beautiful in women’s clothing . ”

“So, that means I don’t look nice in men’s clothing?” Her smile was teasing as she looked at the man with red ears . That’s right, how could she have forgotten that this was a stifling and proud man?

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As he thought of her masculine appearance in men’s clothing, he looked at her steadily and said: “In men’s clothing you are handsome and evil, in women’s clothing…”

“What about women’s clothing?” Her head tilted sideways as she asked .

She saw only a pair of dark pupils on the face of the man opposite her shining brilliantly and he stared at her and replied: “In women’s clothing, you’re enchanting . ”

In a set of red robes, her beauty was indeed unparalleled and enchanting . Even he would not be able to help it but be moved and would not be able to look away . However, she seldom wore women’s clothing . Her devilish enchanting demeanour in women’s clothing was even rarer .

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Whenever he thought of her intentional temptation at that time, it always stirred a movement in his body . In the past, he had rarely gotten emotional, even if he had, the passion was always suppressed by the Thousand Year Frost Poison in his body . However, ever since the Frost Poison had been dispelled, and he had practiced the most advanced methods, now that she was beside him, dazzling, it was a test for him .

When Feng Jiu looked at him, she couldn’t help but found it secretly funny . A woman should be willing to dress herself up for a man who loved her . It stood to reason that now she was by his side, she shouldn’t carry a face that was unfamiliar to him and dress in a manservant’s outfit while she was with him .

In the beginning, she hadn’t thought much about it and actually thought that it was okay . However, after hearing his words, and seeing the expectation in his face, she turned her eyes away slyly then took a sip of her tea and said with a smile: “But I like to wear men’s clothing, so what shall I do?”

Upon hearing those words, he looked at her, his eyes fell from her smiling face to her bosom and frowned slightly, as if in distress: “It’s not good for development to keep wearing men’s clothing . ”

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“Pffft! Hahahaha… . . ”

Feng Jiu spat out her tea as she burst out laughing . She put down her cup of tea and continued laughing .

He felt a little uncomfortable at her laughter and glanced at her in embarrassment: “What’s so funny? That’s a fact . ” Her body was still growing and it was not good for development to bundle up her bosom all the time .

When the secret guards heard their nonsensical conversation, they couldn’t help but grin uncontrollably, especially at My Lord, so he was this type of person .

They always thought that he was pure at heart! They didn’t expect him to hoax the manservant to change back into women’s clothing . But, the manservant was a woman? They really couldn’t tell . My Lord’s taste was really strange, he actually liked this kind of manservant…… woman?

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