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Chapter 1221: 1221
Chapter 1221 Was it really her?

Ye Jing glanced at Feng Jiu and saw her smiling and nodding her head . Only then did she smile and told her father, “Father, please go and have a look first!”

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“Mm, you all eat, then! I’ll be right back . ” As he spoke, he stood up and left with the steward .

Ye Jing held her mother’s hand and smiled gently . “Mother, don’t cry . Crown Prince should have come to break off the engagement . ”

“Ah? How is that possible? He must have come to hasten the engagement . ” Madam Ye thought that her daughter was in poor health . Yet, the Crown Prince came to hurry the engagement . Earlier, he said to come in three days for the wedding . Now, it’s not the time for him to visit . ”

“He should just come to apologize . Ye Jing’s marriage is not going to work . ” Feng Jiu spoke with a smile, thinking that the Black Market’s people were really efficient .

After hearing their words, Madam Ye was stunned, thinking it was inconceivable . But when she saw her daughter’s and Feng Jiu’s expression, it seemed as if things were indeed like this . Her heart stirred, she turned towards Feng Jiu .

“Was this what you’re talking about earlier?”

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Feng Jiu, in such a short time, really had the ability to get their country’s Crown Prince to back out from this marriage without giving them trouble? Was this really true?

“Mm . ” Both of them nodded and smiled in response .

In the living room, the Ye family head watched the Crown Prince bring small and large bags to the door, saying that he had come to make an apology as well as to cancel the marriage . He also said that the emperor would issue a decree early tomorrow morning and compensate for his daughter .

He felt like there was an explosion in his head . Although his face still showed dignity as the clan head, his heart was thumping wildly . He couldn’t figure out what was going on and was only enlightened when he heard the very end of the Crown Prince’s explanation .

It was because Ghost Doctor asked the Black Market to help them solve this problem?

But their Ye family wasn’t acquainted with Ghost Doctor at all!

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Ghost Doctor was world-famous, but they didn’t even know what he looked like and they had never come into contact with him . Why should Ghost Doctor help them?

“Ye Clan Head, I was wrong in the previous matter . Please be magnanimous and overlook my oversight . ”

The Crown Prince looked at the Ye family head, paused for a moment, and then spoke again . “Ye Clan Head, how did you get to know Ghost Doctor? Since you’re acquainted with him, you should have told me much earlier . There wouldn’t have been so many problems, ah!”


The Ye clan head glanced at the Crown Prince . Seeing that he was probing him, he answered, “I didn’t expect it to come to this, but the marriage should be cancelled . My daughter is now seriously ill in bed . She’s indeed indisposed, unable to talk about the marriage . ”

With that, he stood up . “I will see Your Highness off . ”

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“Haha, there’s no need . I won’t trouble you to do that . ”

The Crown Prince waved his hand . Looking at the Ye family head, he said, “Ye Clan Head, please ask your daughter to speak well concerning this matter in front of Ghost Doctor this time . ” As soon as he finished speaking, the Crown Prince turned around and left .

The Ye family head was stunned to hear this . His eyes opened wide in amazement as if he thought of something .

Ghost Doctor? The red-dressed Young Master? Feng Jiu?

Was this Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu? Yes, yes . It was precisely when she came that she said she would solve this matter and she had ordered her subordinates to go and dealt with it . Not long after she came, the Crown Prince came to apologize . So, was it really her?

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