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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:52:00 PM
Chapter 1169

As they were unable to sleep, they chatted all night . At dawn, they got ready to leave and had planned to get away from this place .

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However, as they were just about to leave on their flying swords, a giant snake appeared out of nowhere about ten metres away in front of them . The snake raised its head and spat out venom .

“Ah! Snake!”

Ning Lang exclaimed in shock . The shouts broke the tranquility in the forest and everyone was vigilant at once .

“Is this the snake you were talking about?” Duan Ye looked at Feng Jiu and asked .

“Why did the snake follow you?” Song Ming asked curiously .

“But when did the snake get here? We didn’t even notice . ” Luo Fei looked surprised . If the snake had attacked them without them knowing, then… .

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Feng Jiu also found it strange that the snake hadn’t attacked them yet . The snake was ten metres away and hadn’t even made a sound, they were too careless .


When the snake saw Feng Jiu looking at it, it made a loud hissing sound and wriggled its body forwards .

“Let’s go! The snake is highly venomous . ” Feng Jiu signalled them to raise their flying swords higher up in the air to avoid the snake .

They stepped up on their swords and rose up to mid air and waited for her . Feng Jiu was on her flying feather and getting ready to leave when the snake rushed forwards violently and slammed its tail on the ground . Its mouth spat out some things soon after .

There were cosmos sacks, jade pendants, short daggers and some shiny treasures . There were large and small items all cluttered in a pile . . The snake arched its head and looked at Feng Jiu making a hissing sound .

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“Wow! These are all valuable things!” Ning Lang’s eyes lit up . He looked at Feng Jiu and asked: “Is it giving you these things?”

Duan Ye and the rest also looked at Feng Jiu . A snake actually spat all these things out of its mouth to give to Feng Jiu? How strange .

Feng Jiu was also stunned: “I don’t know either! Last time it brought with it lots of small snakes and chased after me! However, it looks like there is just this one snake around here this time . The cosmos sack and other items probably belonged to the people it ate . As for why its giving them to me, I don’t know why yet . ”

“Then shall we go down to get it?” Ning Lang suggested .

“Go down? Are you not afraid of being swallowed by the snake?” Luo Fei glanced at him and asked .

“It probably won’t happen will it? It doesn’t look like it wants to hurt us . And look! That’s a small hill’s worth of treasures . There’s so many things, I’m sure there will be even more inside the cosmos sacks! We can’t not take them!”

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Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu sat on her flying feather and lowered herself slightly . She looked at the snake and asked: “Is this for me?”


The giant snake made a hissing sound, as if it understood what Feng Jiu had said, and nodded .

Of course, sacred beasts had their minds opened so it was normal they could understand .

“Really for me?”

She was a little surprised and asked again . She had moved that spirit fruit tree into space and this snake had wanted to eat her for a long time . Why was it so kind suddenly?


The snake nodded again . In order to show its sincerity, the snake lowered its head and backed away whilst staring at Feng Jiu .

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