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Chapter 1146: 1146
Chapter 1146: The flying tigers

“Otherwise…otherwise I’ll fight seriously with you!”

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He gulped, reached into his cosmos sack with one hand and stared at the growling flying tigers . Suddenly, the beasts came pouncing on him . Frightened, he screamed loudly and threw out the talisman in his hand .

“Ice arrow talisman! Attack!”

“Whiz whiz!”

As soon as the talisman was flung out, dozens of ice blades suddenly appeared in the air and attacked the two flying tigers . The icy cold energy was as fierce as a blade and extremely fast . Also, he hurled the talisman abruptly so that one of the two flying tigers was caught unaware . The ice blade scratched the tiger’s body until it oozed blood .


The other tiger wailed due to the sheer numbers of the ice blades that were hurtling toward them and was unable to dodge . One of the ice blades was piercing deep into its front foot and the icicle kept emitting cold air . The wound was bleeding, making that flying tiger slumped on the ground .

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“Howl! Roar!”

The loud wail was mixed with fury . The sacred beast’s powerful pressure went to attack Ning Lang who had already fled toward the depth earlier the moment the ice arrow talisman was thrown out . Who would be stupid enough to keep standing still, giving the beasts the chance to bite?


The other flying tiger snarled angrily . Its robust body leapt up and chased Ning Lang .

Ning Lang had so many magic weapons . Otherwise, if substituted by the other three, they would have become the tiger’s food .

Obviously, it was not easy for him to escape the flying tiger’s chase while keep surviving at the same time . That’s possible thanks to the life-saving items in his space .

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“Ah! Help! Stop chasing me, stop chasing me!”

The chubby figure ran as fast as the wind . But, he was running around in the woods in a panic without knowing where he was going . He kept going toward the deepest part of the forest, sending out distress signals from time to time so that his friends would know where he was .

He thought that he was running towards the periphery and that Duan Ye and others were all there . But, he wasn’t aware that he went farther and farther away, making Feng Jiu, Duan Ye and his friends who came after him furious . They cursed him inwardly . How could the damn chubby keep running inside? Did he not want to live?


Hearing the tiger’s roar from the forest below, Feng Jiu’s expression changed .

“This area is the territory of the flying tigers . If that little fatty runs into the territory of the flying tigers, he will only wait for his death . ” The eagle flying beside Feng Jiu said coldly with some schadenfreude .

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Feng Jiu looked askance at him . “If he dies, your egg won’t have anything, even a residue, left . ”

Hearing this, the eagle froze that it could not even speak for a moment . It merely flapped its wings and sped up . But when it saw the place where the distress signal came out, it could not help talking again .

“This little chubby is courting death! In front of us is the territory of man-eating bears . One of the man-eating bears is at the level of the divine beast . Even the two flying tigers will not dare to cross its border . How can the little fatty run in there? ”

Feng Jiu frowned: “What is the boundary between the flying tigers and the man-eating bears? Is there such a distinction around here? ”

“Of course there is a distinction . It is a matter of territory, just like your human home . ” The eagle stared at the front, worried that the egg would get eaten .

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