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Chapter 1135: 1135
Chapter 1135: He Is Food

Strange, how could this be? Wings were really heavy and it was so hard to fly .

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The eagle was slightly startled as its speed gradually slowed down, it couldn’t help but felt uneasy . This had never happened before and yet it was happening now, how could it be? Maybe it got injured in the battle earlier?

It kept flying lower and lower, even if it flapped its wings and flew higher up, after a while it came back down again . Something was wrong with its body and the eagle became vigilant . It glanced back and when it didn’t see the human in red clothes, the eagle breathed a sigh of relief .

It was strange how that human made it feel, shocked and having the desire to flee . It was really weird as this kind of thing had never happened before . Even against Nascent Soul cultivators, they either died or ran away . None of them would have chased after it like this human in red, looking for a fight .

Fortunately, its lair was not far from here . It wasn’t inside the inner circle but in a place somewhere in the outer circle . It had chosen this space specifically as it was afraid that its children would become a target for fierce beasts before it was born and after it was born . Therefore, it had chosen this steep terrain for its lair .

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The eagle gritted its teeth and flew a little lower flying along the mountain road . After turning around the corner, the eagle flew down a cliff and came to a huge peak protruding in the middle of a cliff . There was nothing else there but a grass nest there with an eagle egg .

It threw Ning Lang onto the haystack and flew to the stone summit and lay down to rest .

The eagle couldn’t support its heavy body and heavy eyelids . After it returned to its lair, it lay on the summit stone and fell into a deep slumber .

After the time it took to burn an incense stick, Ning Lang had already woken up but Feng Jiu hadn’t shown up yet . When he saw the white patterned egg next to him, he was startled and instinctively covered his mouth as he looked around .

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He saw that it was misty around him and could vaguely make out a large eagle on top of the stone summit nearby . When he saw the Eagle King his heart tightened in anxiousness and wondered why he had such bad luck .

Otherwise, why did the eagle grab him when both him and Song Ming were filling up their water tumblers by the stream?

He didn’t know that the reason the eagle picked him was because he was fat and chubby and it could feed him to its children .

He moved quietly and reached out to touch the eagle’s egg out of curiosity . When he touched the egg, he realised that the egg was warm . Although the temperature wasn’t very hot, it was strangely warm . He couldn’t help but touch the egg again and picked it up to look at it .

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He had seen ordinary eagle eggs before, but he had never seen an eagle egg laid by fierce beasts . Although it looked ordinary, the patterns on the egg were not the same .

Knowing that he was captured to be food for this baby eagle about to be born, he put the egg back down . At least he wasn’t going to be eaten by the Eagle King . At least he still had a chance to survive . Moreover, Feng Jiu had chased after them, he would definitely find him here .

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he couldn’t just sit and wait . Therefore, he thought about how he could escape . However, after walking out a distance away, he encountered a huge protective enchantment set up inside……

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