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Chapter 1087: 1087
Chapter 1087: The Wolf King

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The Wolf King that stood up high at a distance away was different to the nine tiered giant ferocious wolves . The holy beast was stronger, his body much larger than the pack of wolves Duan Ye and the rest were fighting with .

Its fur was also different to the gray wolves over here . It was a snowy-white colour, bright and white like snow . Under the moonlight its fur radiated a snow-coloured glow, it was beautiful and dazzling .

The strength and level of the holy beast was almost the same . However, as she already had a life contract with Little Fire Phoenix, , the war beast Cloud Devouring Beast, Old White that she rode on, and also Little Black who guarded the doors for her . Therefore, there was no need for another contract beast .

She squinted as she made her mind up, she didn’t need it . However, out of Ning Lang and the rest of them, only Duan Ye had Flaming Lion, the rest of them didn’t have any contract beasts . Since she had brought them in here to advance their cultivation levels, they should also be given a chance to see if they could tame the Snow Wolf to become a contract beast .

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All of a sudden, sharp claws came towards her . She looked at the nine-tiered ferocious beast that leapt up towards her with indifference . Her tranquil eyes glanced at it with a cold glare, the coercion of the ancient spirit beast shot out through her eyes .

The nine-tiered ferocious wolf howled and thrashed around as it fell from mid-air . As it fell from mid-air, the wolf’s throat was cut by Duan Ye’s Eight-Star Flying Wheel .

Blood splattered everywhere, the strong smell of blood and the sounds of the wolf’s sharp howling spread through the forest . The smell of the wolf’s blood agitated the other wolves and they howled one after another, their combating power became stronger and fiercer .

The sound of gasping and cries of pain came from the people down below from time to time . They were already injured to begin with, and were now inflicted with more injuries . Under the siege of over twenty wolves, their bodies were covered with claw marks .

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Feng Jiu looked down at the bodies of the nine-tiered beasts that had fallen to the ground and saw that they had become more proficient with practice . Therefore, she said: “Up high over there is the Wolf King, other than Duan Ye, which one of the three of you will go and tame it?”

“What? The Wolf King? How can one of us make the Wolf King submit? These wolves are already so difficult to deal with, won’t the Wolf King be even more powerful?” Ning Lang shouted . At this time, he was sprawled on the back of one of the wolves, his legs were tightly wrapped around the wolf’s body as he slashed fiercely into the back of the wolf’s neck with the dagger in his hand .

The wolf howled as it slumped to the ground after the dagger sliced into the back of his neck . His front paws buckled under first and his whole body lay on the ground twitching .

As Ning Lang pulled out his dagger, a stream of blood shot out and startled him . He spat a couple of times and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he felt the warmth of the blood on his face, feeling sick .

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His face was covered in blood, it was disgusting .

“I won’t be able to tame it . I’m on the brink of collapsing dealing with these alone . ”

Luo Fei spoke . He was already injured and his wound was bleeding again and had to be rebandaged, he was already at his limit fighting against these nine-tiered ferocious wolves . If he did go to try to tame the Wolf King, he would no doubt become the Wolf King’s snack .

When he thought about this, he shook his head . There was no way he could go if he wasn’t confident .

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