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Published at 3rd of May 2020 05:05:08 AM
Chapter 1081: 1081

Chapter 1081: Loot

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Why didn’t the youth help? Was his cultivation strength really only Foundation stage? And that little beast…

Doubts started surfacing in everyone’s mind, especially when they saw the confidence in the youth in red, there was a bad hunch in their hearts . The hunch was even stronger than when they saw the Golden Core cultivator being killed earlier .

At that moment, he took a step back and looked at the little beast in front of him . Without hesitation, he put all his energy into his body and his powerful Golden Core strength erupted from him, he turned and fled in the other direction .

He wasn’t going to fight, he was running away instead, with all his strength he had he was going to use it to escape and save his life!

She stared blankly when she saw this and touched her chin . She glanced in his direction and then ignored him .

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It’s fine, run away! He was just one fish in a net full of fish .

She turned and her gaze landed in front of her, her eyebrows raised as she looked . After the battle, the last few cultivators were hacked to death by the rest of them . Therefore, after Luo Fei had killed the last cultivator, he sat down on the floor panting as he rested . Ning Lang was rummaging through the bodies in excitement…

“These guys must have robbed a lot of people, there’s quite a lot of stuff in their cosmos sacks, and each person has more than the other . ” Ning Lang was searching through their things as he spoke excitedly . Not long after, his arms were filled with more than twenty cosmos sacks .

Feng Jiu walked over and glanced at the injuries on them . She noticed that they all had varying degrees of injuries . Other than a small wound on the side of his arm, Ning Lang didn’t appear to have any other injuries . As she watched him picking up swords excitedly, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but stroked her forehead .

“Ning Lang, just take the valuable items . The swords are worthless, leave them . ” This guy really didn’t let anything go, how much could those ordinary swords be worth?

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“We don’t want them?”

There were already a few swords in his arms, but when he heard what Feng Jiu said, he threw the swords back onto the ground: “Okay, we won’t take them . Besides, there will be more in the future . I will just take these cosmos sacks . We don’t want to have too many things anyway . ”

Upon hearing his words, the few of them shook their heads as their lips twitched .

Feng Jiu glanced around and said: “The bloody smell here is too strong, we can’t stay for long, let’s go! After we find a place to settle down I will look at your wounds and treat them . ”

“Okay . ” The few of them answered as they stood up and held on to each other for support . They walked forwards together, leaving this place .

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After they had arrived at a place with no bloody smell, they sat down on the grass and began to tend to their wounds .

“Look . Aren’t I smarter? I wore more pieces of clothes and I also had the jewelled protection vest . My cultivation strength is the lowest out of all of us but I have the least injuries, hehehe . ”

Ning Lang smiled complacently . After he finished bandaging his wound, he took out the items in the cosmos sack and divided them by five: “Okay, one portion each . ”

They looked at the items and then put them away . Although they were from rich families and these things weren’t worth much to them, however, they were trophy items gained from their hard battles .

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