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Published at 27th of April 2020 04:40:09 AM
Chapter 1069: 1069

Chapter 1069: Vampire bats

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They returned to the previous place for a discussion . This place was so strange, so, naturally, they mustn’t be careless .

“I have just seen a human face grow on that tree, and not one or two, but it was the same all around here . I am sure the whole woods is the same . Trees are made of wood . Even if they turned into fiends, they should still be afraid of fire . ” Luo Fei said, staring at the tree branches that seemed dancing toward them .

Song Ming nodded . ”Besides their fear of fire, since swords can cut them off, then we have nothing to be afraid of . Even if we are trapped in it, we can break those branches . In fact, if we are cautious, it should be all right . As long as we are careful, nothing will happen . ”

After a moment to calm down, Feng Jiu told them, “I’ll have another try . ”

She was the one who brought them in . When such a thing happened, she naturally had to find a solution . They knew that these tree spirits were afraid of swords . Were they afraid of fire? Then she had to experiment .

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“It’s dark now . Forget it! We’ll go in together tomorrow at dawn . ” Several of them said, worrying about what might go wrong in the dark of the night .

“It’s alright . I know the limits . ” She went in alone this time, not letting them follow her, but still leaving Cloud Devouring Beast to keep watch over them .

Those few people watched Feng Jiu walk into the strange forest from behind . When they saw the branches stretching out like ghost claws and attacking Feng Jiu, they saw her flipped her palms and flames came whooshing out . The branches that stretched out in front of her could not dodge them . They were burned by the flame and then shrank back noisily .

Seeing this, they put their worries to rest . Fortunately, these tree spirits were really afraid of fire . That’s easy to do . As long as they have a torch in their hands, they could go through the woods without using force .

Feng Jiu strode inside . About an hour later, she came back from the same road and told Duan Ye, “This area is full of tree spirits . I haven’t seen any fierce beasts . However, it’s a bit unexpected to find a spirit herb along this road . ”

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“Spirit herb? What kind? Is it worth money?” Seeing her coming back, Ning Lang quickly came over and inquired .

“A hundred-year-old spirit herb is worth a lot of money outside . ” She smiled and took out the spirit herb to show them . Then, she put it away .

Seeing this, Ning Lang’s eyes lit up . “It’s a land rich in natural resources indeed! You just walked in an hour or so and found a spirit herb . Maybe there are more deep inside the woods . ”

“Alright, have some food and get some rest . ” She walked next to them and sat down . However, at that moment, there were rustling sounds . They were startled and quickly looked around .

“What’s that noise?”

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“Look! It’s there!” Ning Lang’s eyes widened at the vast expanse of pitch black flying things, stuttering . “What, what are those? Why do they look like bats? ”

“What do you mean, looking like bats? Those are bats, all right? ” Duan Ye said angrily .

“But their eyes are red, while bats’ eyes seem black?” Ning Lang gulped .

“They’re vampire bats . They suck blood . If you don’t want to become a dried-up corpse, get ready to fight!” Feng Jiu shouted . The spirit energy breath in her body rushed forth . She flipped her palms and flames were cast out .

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